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SBI Kohinoor Banjara Branch – Only for the ‘Ultra rich’

We have seen how State Bank of India introduced a Unique Instant SMS redressal system previously and how it plans to register a patent for that service. Here is another such unique offering from SBI, albeit, not for the common man, but an Ultra privileged banking experience for the Ultra rich people, at SBI Kohinoor Banjara in Hyderabad.

Your Networth should at least be Rs.1 crore to open an account at SBI Banjara Hills branch (complete address: SBI Kohinoor Banjara PBC, 8-2-269/4/CD, Sagar society, road number 2, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad). Hold on, Rs.1 Crore, although not that common, isn’t that much of  an amount any more these days. Every other politician or his super supporter in the next street seems to have that amount. Hence, its not those high Networth people who can chose to open an Account in that branch, but the Branch itself chooses whom to have as its (privileged) Customer. Looks very strange, but this is how the Kohinoor Banjara SBI Branch functions.

Since we are talking about Crorepati’s, the Branch should also be some thing different from the regular branches with stacked counters. Well, it’s not ‘some thing’ but ‘everything’ is different. If your eyes are closed and you are taken into that Branch, you wouldn’t even realize that it’s a Bank. All (or almost) the Ultra modern facilities that Crorepati’s have in their houses can be seen in this Branch, it seems.

The Bank accounts too are specially designed for their needs. With every account, you get a Platinum powered ATM cum Debit card using which once can shop up to Rs.2 lakhs per day or withdraw Rs.1 lakh every day (compare this to the Maestro ATM cum Debit card using which you can only withdraw Rs.25000 or shop up to Rs.50000 each day, sigh).

A foreign travel card, dedicated financial advisor etc just some additional features.

For more information on the Branch, you may contact at 040 – 23541731/32 from 8 am to 8pm on all 7 days of a week.

What I like most about this ‘Special’ service is the Bank’s decision to chose the Customer’s on its own rather than keeping it open for every one with certain amount of money. Otherwise, I’m quite sure that our Neta’s, Film Stars, Government Officials etc would Queue up outside the Branch to open an account as a ‘Status Symbol’.

Update: What started with Hyderabad has now expanded into various other places around the state and even country. There are now quite a few Kohinoor (HNI) branches of SBI around the country.

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