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Resizing widgets in Samsung Galaxy S2

You know one thing that you can do with your Android but cannot with the iDevices is to have widgets so that you can have the information you need on your home screen without having to open any app. Now with Samsung Galaxy S2 (and probably other Android Gingerbread devices too), you can also re-size your widgets; larger, smaller; horizontally and vertically.

Note that not all widgets can be resized but those which can be, can be.

There’s one full size widget (by default) on Galaxy S2, that of AccuWeather.com. When you remove it from the home screen and later try to bring it up again, you’ll find that the widget only occupies a small portion (it becomes a small widget). There are no settings to make it a full size widget. But, here’s a trick using which you can make it occupy the entire horizontal screen space.

Drag the AccuWeather widget on to the left side of the screen and make sure that there are no apps to its right. Tap and hold the widget for about 2 seconds and just leave (don’t do any thing like moving it here and there, just leave). You’ll then see a yellow coloured line around the app that you can use to drag the widget to its original or full size.

Update: The same process applies to Froyo. But from ICS, the widgets themselves appear in different sizes by default in the widgets section of the apps drawer. All possible widget sizes of an app appear there, such as 1×1, 2×1, 4×2, 4×4 etc. You can simply hold any one widget and place it on the home screen (you can hold and drag them between different home screens). These widgets cannot be re-sized further. If you need a different sized widget, delete the earlier widget and get a new one.

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  1. I just worked it out, press and hold top bar between account name and email icon, it took a few attempts but eventually i got yellow grid appear and I could re-size email app to fill screen.

  2. Any way to do this with the email app? Just seeing two and half emails without going into an email, then coming out again is pants… just changed from htc desire, which had the email app spot on. grrr

  3. You are a star Raghav!!!!

    I was going to default to factory – you saved the hassle many thanks!

  4. Very very very good, you solved the mistery.

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