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Resize (reduce) photos to save space before uploading to Picasa

Picasa is a great way to digitally store your photos online so that you can share with them with any one you want or just keep them there as a back up. Unfortunately, Picasa only allows 1 Gigs of free storage per account and in case you need extra space, you have to purchase it. Sure, you can have multiple accounts each with 1 Gigs of storage. If you have lots and lots of photos, here’s a good way to minimize your free accounts (or maximize number of photos/albums in one account).

With digital cameras with high resolution being the norm these days, it’s not uncommon to see each photo occupy about 6 MB of space. Instead of uploading the actual picture, you can resize the picture (keeping the quality as is) to significantly reduce the size of a picture. While the web version of picasa doesn’t have this feature, you can resize picture using the Picasa application (free to download) on your PC.

The procedure

Open Picasa application and navigate to the album folder with in Picasa. You can either select the entire folder (by default) or select individual photos. After you do that, click on ‘Export’ button present below the photos. Select any destination on your hard disk to place these newly resized photos (create a new folder for simplicity). Then proceed to resize the photos (from basic 320 px to 1600 px). Select which ever you like and then chose image quality (automatic is preferred) and then click on export. All the pictures you selected will be resized and placed in the folder you selected.

You can use these resized pictures (which are mostly under 1MB in size, even if you chose 1600 px resolution) to upload to your web albums saving at least 6x space.

Update: Pictures under 2048×2048 resolution (or roughly 4.2 Megapixel) won’t count towards your free 1GB limit so if your picture is under this limit, you do not have through go through the above process at all.

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