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Nat Geo Junior – Big Bang show

Big Bang is a program that is a part of the Nat Geo junior show. It’s basically is a do-it yourself show that touches various aspects of science and also explains why stuff happens only that way. The hosts show how to make various things like a chandelier from paper plates, a dummy citadel for playing purpose etc

I’ve tried out the chandelier thing which looked very simple while seeing but turned out to be a crap when it was done.

The show is very informative but of late it isn’t being aired by National Geographic channel for some reasons. It’ll be nice if Nat Geo would consider making new episodes of Big bang and telecast it regularly. At least a web cast on their website would be enough for science know-how enthusiasts. At the end of the shows, there’ll be a website displayed as granadakids.com/bigbang

But apparently that website doesn’t exist anymore and redirects to another website.

Does anyone know the correct website address?

Update: Very sadly, it looks like there is no coming back of the show ever again. The website doesn’t work and there’s almost no mention of the show any where on the interwebs.

But fortunately, I’ve found one precious video of the show at YouTube; you can see it here. I’m sure there are more videos somewhere but the main problem is, there is another comedy show with the name The Big Bang Theory, which comes up every time we search for The Big Bang. When I find more videos, I’ll post here and if you come across more videos, do post the links in the comments. Let’s recall those memorable days.

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  1. It was my favourite show.
    I liked Micheal and his hairstyle.
    miss it very much.

  2. I really love to watch big bang & want it back on TV . I’d love to watch it again !

  3. I really love this show very much in fact this was my only show on t.v. plz cast the show again I’m really waiting to see creativity done in show back again with same host….

  4. please repeat the episodes

  5. big bang is the best show for the children like us so please repeat the episodes

  6. I love this show from the bottom of my heart this show is very creative i love the show and love kate to please start this show again this is the best show in national geo

  7. wow supper! i enjoy it.

  8. thank you akshat

  9. Thank you to? the young men and women that made this video… it shows a positive attitude. My suggestion….. make a calendar!

  10. bigbang is very well for kids i also see it but!!! what is the timings of bigbang on national geo

  11. i like this program very much plz start it again on national geographic channel only on sunday because i do not get time to watch it as i am a student of 8th class
    with this i can make more more

  12. i just love big bang show

  13. i love big bang. i watch it every time it goes on t.v my favorites were how to make lip balm and fizzy bath. big bang rocks

  14. thanks for the amazing tricks i am from india i am biggest fan of this program

  15. i love the big bang

  16. hai i am shiva i want to know the real web site of bigbang if any one knows is pleas send it to shivamanickams2010 at gmail.com

  17. lovely show. i cant express u that how loving this show is 4 me. thanks to all members related 2 this show.i want to get its web address.so,if u are not busy now pls, send the add. to me

  18. i love bigbang and i don’t miss bigbang episodes.

  19. i like this show very much.
    from where i can get the episodes of it?

  20. i like big bang show

  21. this is a very intersting show please start it again.i want to make my physics project and model in it kindly give me whole information about it and how to make the model of it.

  22. my favorite show Nat geo big bang its is very good show

  23. I love to watch this show,, I want to know the the name of female anchor..? m a big fan of her,, so pls tell me the name..

  24. your show is marvelous i watch it every day

  25. its a great show i love this when i see that show so my knowledge increases day by day so THANK BIG BANG I LOVE IT

  26. hii i love this program very much
    i want to see the review of big bang
    i visit ‘www.granadakids.com/bigbang’ but i dont get information
    plz sujest me

  27. hello! this is komal from Muscat {Oman}. i really love this show. i watch it even if i’v seen that episode. the hosts are also good. i just love Kate. but, the thing is that there are NO new episodes coming to learn something new. so, i heartily request to cast new episodes with old anchor’s.

  28. IT is a fantastic show I have ever seen.All the experiments in this show can be done by self-reliantly. IT is a very good and intelligent creative show.

  29. Richard Samuel

    This show was fantastic I never . It really tells us more about science . I like this program

  30. please tell me the sites for episode 9 please

  31. muhammad ikhwan bin zulkifly

    i like this webpage but,can i know something about this webpage?

  32. though some of the experiments can’t be done self reliantly “i like it”

  33. its a good show i like this show

  34. I llllove this show. It is very interesting and creative show.

  35. The show is not only interesting but also FUNNNNNNNNNNNY

  36. there is ‘www.the-big-bang.co.uk’ but it still doesn’t works

  37. This ‘http://www.citv.co.uk/static/thebigbang/makes.html’ is for season 7. What is for Season 8?

  38. very very very big bangy sight

  39. Hello, I m a student. I watch many of the shows on nat geo channel . Most of the time of mine passes in the front of T.V. I like this channel too much and especially BIG BANG.


  40. i am a graduate and doing job in a tax firm i just love this show and want to meet all of you plz ans me soon your reply is what for me i cant tell in words my name is FAHAD and my contact number is 03349910846 and my email adress is ‘fahdprince@yahoo.com’
    please reply me soon and make my dreams come true

  41. plz start big bang show again on nat geo.its really a nice show…im dying to watch it again….plz show it on sundays only as said before plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..


  42. please show big bang as it is the best show i havb seen yet

  43. plz start bigbang episodes again on nationalgeographic channel only on sunday because i do not get time to watch it as i am a student

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