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Manjeera Trinity Homes at JNTU, Hyderabad

Manjeera Trinity Homes is a single High rise tower being constructed in a prime location by the Manjeera Group. In fact, is being constructed in such as prime location that some times it takes almost half an hour to reach the Hyd-Mum Highway that is not even a Kilometer away. The exact location of this project is on the left side of the JNTU-Hitec city trunk road, about 600 meters from the University.

There are a total of 23 floors for living apartments, plus 2 stilts and 2 basements for parking. Each floor consists of Nine 3 BHK Apartments (flats) ranging from 1900 to 2200 sft and is expected to be completed by September 2011.

Unlike other recent ventures that you may have seen, this isn’t a colony-type venture boasting Running tracks, Theatres, Grounds for Out door Games etc. But, the first floor of the high rise has, apart from few living apartments, Banquet Hall, Consumer shop, Common toilet’s separate for Gents and Ladies, Snack Bar, Library, Rooms for Indoor games like TT, Caroms’, Crèche, Gym and a Clinic. And, there is a HUGE Trinity Mall coming just beside the Trinity Homes that will serve all consumer needs, from shopping to eating.

The Apartments’ are all lavish and come at a premium with all latest flooring, wood work etc.

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Price of Manjeera Trinity

As we said, the Apartments, come here at a premium considering that it’s in the prime location. The Basic rate is Rs.3500/ sft for the first floor. Add Rs.20 per sft to every Apartment per floor as the number goes up.

If you want a North or East facing Apartment or an Apartment that is in the corner, it comes at an extra Rs.100/sft respectively.

Parking and Amenities come at Rs.4.5 lakhs and Rs.2 lakhs for additional parking facility.

Registration, VAT and Service Tax are extra and will be according to the Government rates.

Summing up all, let’s assume that you wanted a 2000sft Apartment in the second floor that is facing East. Your sft rate will be Rs.3500+20+100, that is Rs.3620/sft.

Multiplying that by 2000 sft gives Rs.72.40 lakhs, which is the basic cost of the Apartment. If you want an Apartment in higher floor, the rate will go up accordingly (Rs.20/sft per floor)

Add to that the Parking and Amenities rates mentioned above and registration, taxes as applicable.

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