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Khairatabad Ganesh online pooja request

Khairatabad Ganesh in Hyderabad is known as the biggest Ganesh Idol in Hyderabad and in fact the whole of Andhra Pradesh. This year, the Sri Ganesh Utsav Committee will be celebrating 54th year of Ganesh celebrations. The celebrations first started in 1954 by the late freedom fighter Sri S Sankarayya.

This year the Ganesh Utsav is scheduled from 23.08.2009 and ends on 03.09.2009 lasting 13 days. This will also be the last Ganesh to be immersed in the Hussain Sagar (Tank Bund) marking the end of Ganesh festival every year. Due to its huge size, the transit time takes nearly 12 hours or some times even more than 12 hours to reach the Immersion spot on Tank bund from Khairatabad.

On the last day of the 13 puja day’s, the laddu, which stays in Ganesh’s hand for 13 days, will be auctioned. This laddu goes for one of the biggest amounts in Hyderabad; most of the times, second only to Balapur laddu.

Every day, thousands of people visit this Ganesh to seek holy blessings and worship the Vinayaka (Ganesh). Seeing the increase in response from the devotees, the Ganesh Utsav Committee has developed a website to request for a Puja on the devotees name. You may visit their website and request for a Puja to be performed on your and your families’ name. Every day, nearly 2000 such pujas are being performed.

If you want, you can personally visit the Ganesh in Khairatabad and offer your prayers or even participate in puja at certain timings. To participate in Puja, you have to make a prior contact with the organizers.

Update 2013: This article was published during the 2009 Ganesh Utsav celebrations. Every year since then, the organizers have created a website for devotees to participate in online puja. One can register their names in the website and the priest will mention your name (and your family members name), when performing daily puja.

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  1. Gopalakrishna Patnaik

    Please do pooja for following members:
    Kausika Ghotram:

  2. Pooja in the names of Haritha, Prathiba, Tholisamma,Chandra Sekhar, Maruthi Ram, Sireesha, Rangamma, Susilamma, Nagendra, Vijaya Krishna, vijaya kumar, Sunitha, varnika, Venkatesh babu, vamsi, Chithrash.

  3. Ponnapalli Sreedhar

    Gothram : Abhonasa
    P Sridhar
    K Jyothsna
    P Sai Sindhura
    P Sai Abhinav

  4. Gothram : Pasupulolla
    T Srinivas reddy
    T Sathyanarayana reddy
    T Swapna
    Raji reddy
    T Swathi
    Master Tejeshwar reddy

  5. Jayaram chikkulwar

    Do Pooja on the names of ganganna, savitha, sujatha, suvarna, vanaja, jayaram, sriram. Thank you so much.

  6. Can you perform pooja in the names of my family members, saraswati, vallabha and pranav?

  7. Good service.

  8. Siva Gangadhara Desai

    Gotra-Srivasta..Please perform puja in the names of Sri. Siva Gangadhara Desai, Smt. Lalitha, Vijayasree, Kiran and Swapna.
    Gotra-Kasyapasa—–Smt. Sirisha and Dattaprabhu.

  9. puja in the name of vignesh, anuradha, ravikumar, priyanka.

    • pujua inthe name of vignesh, swetha, sresha, madhavi, srihari, kesava, balakrishna, kishore, subash. Gowthram is the hamsa

  10. Please do not spend huge money in the name of god instead help the poor people who are in need of money & food for the economic development of the country.

  11. Please do the pooja in the names of Satya, Laxmi, Sravani and Akhil.

    Thanks so much………..

  12. in the names of: RAMANJANAYA Grothyasya…..,munuswany,arunakumari,prudhvikumar,chaitanya

  13. In the names of : Koundinya Grothyasya….Naga Venkata Lakshmi Narayana Namadeyasya…Darmapatni sametsya…(Sri Lalita Namadeyasya)..Saha Kutumbanaam..(Satyanarayana sastry, Mahalakshmi & Ganesh)

    Thank You.

  14. Puja in the names of Kotwal Sriramdas, Kotwal Aruna, Kotwal Praneeth and Kotwal Rohith.

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