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Samsung Galaxy Airtel Mobile Office Settings

If you are stuck up in the mess of Airtel GPRS settings (especially settings for Mobile Office), for Samsung Galaxy S, this post could help you. Unlike most other phones, I didn’t receive the GPRS settings automatically when I inserted the Airtel Sim card. Instead, I specifically got a message that my Samsung I9000 doesn’t support automatic configuration of services and that I needed to call 12118.

Hell, that call isn’t a toll free number and after talking with the customer support guy it was clear that I had better knowledge of configurations than him. Said thank you to him and end the call.

Then, I sent a range of Messages such as LIVE, MASALA ACTIVE to 121, MO to 543210, *567# etc but I got the same reply and some times I also received a reply that ‘You are not eligible for Service for PS01’.

After struggling with different settings, these Airtel APN settings finally worked for me:

Mobile Office APN settings

Name: Mobile Office

APN: airtelgprs.com

Leave Proxy, Port, User name, Password, Server, MMSC, MMS proxy, MMS Port to ‘Not Set’

MMC: 404

MNC: 49

Authentication type: None

APN Type: Internet

Airtel MMS APN settings

(really, you still use MMS?)

Name: AirTelMMS

APN: airtelmms.com

Leave Proxy, Port, user name, password, server as ‘Not Set’


MMS Proxy:

MMS Port: 8799

MCC: 404

MNC: 49

Authentication type: None


You should now be set to send MMS and access Internet via Mobile Office APN.

If you have sufficient balance, you can activate Rs.98 2GB pack by sending a service request as *567*14# (Warning: This automatically renews every month until you unsubscribe by sending *567*19#).

Update: This was early days when Smartphones were just catching up and hence airtel didn’t have automatic internet settings. Now, the settings are automatically set for almost all smart phones (regardless of whether its Samsung or not). If for some reason the default settings didn’t work automatically, the above settings are good for even Galaxy SII, SIII, SIV, Note and all the mid range phones such as Galaxy Y, Ace, Fit, Pop, S Plus, Mega, Grand etc.

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  1. Hello. I am using Samsung galaxy fit. I had once already activated my net pack but it didn’t work. Could you please help me with it. So, I wanted to make sure that my apn settings are ok before getting another net pack.

  2. I’m having galaxy S but i don’t know how to use airtel mms which my gf send to me.. I want to know how to use and open or send mms from my mobile.

  3. I am using galaxy pop, several times i switched it off & on then the E or H signal will appear few seconds and goes off, it wont come back again, Should i do factory reset for fixing this issue..? please help me..

  4. hi
    i’ve tried everything what i can do..*ticked packet data *checked APN’s *restored ma factory settings *switched off ma phone n remounted ma sim again mounted its damn thing..not at all getting connected, not even n WI-FI mine is SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE s8530, airtel is ma carrier..i wont forget you if anybody get me the solution thanxxx… PS am so sad annoyed tooo ANDROID VERSION : 2.3.4
    d web page shown is : WEB PAGE NOT AVAILABLE

    • Do you get the data network indicator in the notification bar at all (the one with green and orange arrow marks)? If not, long press the power button and check the ‘Data network mode’ status. It should be ‘Data network mode activated’.

    • Go to settings – wireless and network – mobile networks – activate packet data then do all the above things it works nicely.

  5. I have a Samsung G Tab with airtel prepaid connection. everything was working fine when But when I carried it to my office and the place has wifi. I don’t know when the settings show airtel WEP and normal route of airtel is not working every time I get a message that my sim does not support this. I am unable to nullify the WEP. I don’t have a password also as I did not set it.
    How to get out of it!

  6. I activated 3g in Airtel but still not getting 3g network. My area is well covered with Airtel 3g network. My mobile not showing 3g network. Can you help..

    • May be your mobile is set to receive 2G (EDGE) signal only. Check in the Mobile Network settings and change it to Dual or 3G/UMTS

  7. Can any1 tell mi gprs mo settings for galaxy 3

  8. I’m using Galaxy S and recently shifted to AirTel 3G. But even after power-off and on, it doesn’t show AirTel-3G on the screen. I did select “Dual – GSM/CDMA Auto” in AP-Settings.
    Could you please help me.

    • It will not show ‘Airtel 3G’, if you have ‘H’ instead of ‘G’ or ‘E’, it means that you are already on 3G network. If you’re area is well covered by 3G network, you may also consider changing the Mobile Network type to ‘WCDMA’ only.

  9. Please can you let me know airtel live manual settings for samsung galaxy S.

  10. That was really helpful. In fact i was frantically searching for the settings and finally this one helped. Thank you

  11. Please help my in activating the intrenet option in samsung galaxy s.

    i have activated the inr 98 2gb plan in my airtel sim and have saved the mobile office setting.

    please advice what has to be done after that to access the internet

  12. i m not able to send MMS…..all other things work…using galaxy spica..

  13. hi… i’m using galaxy fit.. and i have activated the internet pack.. i hv the same settings too wat u guys hv discussed earlier… But by prob is tat even then having all these things perfectly, when i browse using GPRS/EDGE i’m loosing my main balance amount…I spoke to customer care n done wit everything what i thought,…but still prob exists…. guys plz help me out..

  14. The internet settings are fine except for one small thing, the last option instead of internet put in “default,supl”. My net is working now. Thanks

  15. hi
    i have bought a new galaxy s and got my mobile office activated ,
    have made the necessary settings. but i am not able to use the internet,
    customer care says mobile office is activated but still i am not able to use it, please help what should i do

  16. Hey..I am using samsung pop 5570 yest i activated 98 airtel data pack..i selected
    Settings –> Wireless and networks –> Mobile networks
    Then clicked on Use Packet data (the tick option should be enabled)
    Then clicked on Data roaming (the tick option should be enabled)

    when i used *567# it says”This is a new service operation so you need to specify a message here in own language”

    when i check balance *123*10# balance 2097.20 MB left..
    But my internet not working cc also not able to find …

    Could you pls help me on this…

    • There’s nothing much I can tell with these details. Having a balance of 2097 confirms that you have subscribed to Mobile Office plan. If you’re still not able to access internet, that’s likely because your phone’s not using the Mobile Office APN.
      What error are you getting while trying to access a web page?
      Also can you confirm, that you have Mobile Office APN selected under the same Wireless and Networks ->Mobile Networks?

  17. i have activate 98 Rs GPRS monthly pack . my mobile model number is S3500 . i also get mobile office setting by the company which are not working and shows DNS failed then what i have to do? my mobile no is 9630357297.

  18. i set th APN according to what u said … but how do i activate th internet after that ???
    i mean after creating th APN what do i do to get connected th internet ?

    • If you didn’t already subscribe to the Mobile Office Data plan, you should dial *567*14# to activate Rs.98 plan for 2GB (automatically repeats every month).
      Since you have a Galaxy S, there is a Discounted Data offer.

      • i got a voucher for th Rs.98 plan and i activated it … now i have 2 gb downloading left in my account but i cant connect to th internet and i dint get any settings or mobile office from airtel ….. instead i got a msg saying ur phone does not support this. nowafter activating th plan and creating th APN what do i do to get connected ?

  19. i found it myself. just goto Mobile Network Code – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia to get the correct values for MMC and MNC.

    Mobile Office APN settings
    Name: Mobile Office
    APN: airtelgprs.com
    Leave Proxy, Port, User name, Password, Server, MMSC, MMS proxy, MMS Port to ‘Not Set’
    MMC: 404
    MNC: 45 (for airtel karnataka)
    Authentication type: None
    APN Type: Internet

  20. I tried these settings but I still get only the “E” on the bar at top and not “G”. This says that the phone is using EDGE and not GPRS to access the internet. Also, any luck trying to set-up Airtel Live?

  21. yes it’s not support

  22. I tried to follow above setting… but moment i enter details and say “save”.. APN disappears. please some one reply ..

    • same thing happen to me also,
      when i make changes to setting as displayed and go for SAVE option, the setting disappears.
      Any work around?

    • I am also getting same problem likeu.
      Did u solved that problem. If yes, then plz help me also.

      • Keep the MNC value as 10 and it will not disappear.

      • leave the default value for MNC ( i had 49 ) and then power off the cell and remove the SIM and insert it again, once the system came back MNC value was changed automatically to the correct value 45 and internet starts working.

  23. Hi,
    I have both “Aritel Live” as well as “Mobile Office” configured on my new Samsung galaxy I5801. But m not able to connect to internet. I cant see any Edge sign on my handset as well as i used to see on my previous Nokia handset. Does galaxy displays the same?
    Please help and let me know if i am missing something.

    • If I’m not wrong, I5801 is Galaxy 3 running on Android?
      if that is, yes it will show the ‘E’ mark (along with red/green lights for download/ upload) in the notification bar at the top. Not really sure why your Galaxy isn’t connecting.
      Can you confirm if your ‘Mobile Network State’ is indeed ‘Disconnected’? (By going to Settings->About Phone->Status->Mobile Network State)

      PS. Just to confirm, if the Wifi is connected, you won’t see the ‘E’ sign.

      • Eric,

        Even I am facing the same problem. My MobileNetworkState is indeed showing as “Disconnected”. You have a solution for this?

  24. Thanks for the tips. I’m a Airtel subscriber. I just went to Settings–>Wireless & n/w–>Mobile n/w–> AP names; Press the menu key, select “reset to default”. I automatically get the Mobile Office & AirTelMMS APNs. And they work !!! (am able to send MMS.

  25. Is there anyway to get the Airtel Live Settings as well???

  26. This solution actually works.

    I agree the Airtel Customer Care is absolutely not useful.

    Hightime the system takes cognizance of the recorded calls and improves the service.

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