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Demand draft – MICR code and other numbers

Demand draft in the Indian context is essentially a written order, where a buyer pre-deposits certain amount of money in a bank and hands over the ‘written order’ to the seller, so that the seller can ‘demand’ the deposited money from the bank where it was deposited (may not be in the same branch though). With effective from 1 April 2012, any DD over Rs.20000 must beĀ  A/C payee only. This means that a person who draws money by producing a DD will not be given physical money but instead the money will be deposited electronically to his bank account.

Suppose Mr.A wants to buy a product from a company xyz which costs Rs.600

Instead of giving the money to xyz, Mr.A draws a Demand draft (DD in short) for Rs.600 in favour of xyz by paying Rs.600 (plus an additional commission that goes to the bank utilized) and then hands over the DD to xyz.

Use of a Demand Draft has significantly decreased over the years. Today, its very rare to see the use of DD’s in e-commerce transactions. But it is still prevalent in fields like education, employment (this is coming down too) etc.

DD’s will have a validity period of 6 months 3 months (with effective from 1 April 2012). If the beneficiary didn’t produce the DD with in 3 months from the drawn date, then it will be void.

Many Demand draft, essentially consist of 3 variables

DD number

MICR number and

Transaction code

Some DD’s may also have the extra 6 digit numbers between MICR and transaction code.

The first variable is the DD number which will be of 6 digits, followed by 9 digit MICR code, then followed by the next 6 digits (may not exists in some banks) and lastly the 2 digit transaction code.

As far as the DD CHARGES go, the countries largest bank SBI charges are as follows:

Up to Rs.5000: Rs.25

From 5000 till 10000: Rs.41

From 10000 till 1 lakh: Rs.3 per every 1000 (minimum charge of Rs.51)

Above 1 lakh: Rs.3 per every 1000 (minimum charge of Rs.306)

Note: These rates are as on 1 June 2013 and may change any time.

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  1. CDR NJ premnath(Retd)

    Sir, am a retired defence officer and intend making a DD through SBI for making payment to Canteen Stores Dept. I will request you to clarify if am required to pay any commission charges.

    • Yes. But certain discount is provided for sr citizens and pensioners. Do mention it to the bank if you belong in that category.

  2. You mention that usage of DDs has come down. Are there any numeric data with you? Like how many DDs used to be issued by a bank earlier and how many now? All tenders, property registration, most govt fees, employment applications, entrance applications etc still require DD as the mode of payment. The number of applicant for all these services have increased over last many years. It is becoming increasing more common for residents in urban areas to buy/sell properties than earlier. So numeric data will be really useful.

    • Hi Manoj.

      No, that wasn’t backed up by any stats. Just personal experience and a foresight (although I agree, when I look at it now, I feel I should have been a little less authoritative when I said ‘significantly decreased’; this was written in 2009). All those you mentioned have alternative online options as well. Online applications, for jobs or schools, e-tenders, e-portals for Government’s services etc. Personally, its been atleast 6 years that I have had to use a DD and I have gone through job applications, buying a home in these years and paid so many Govt taxes/bills every year.
      It’s just a matter of adoption. Also, RBI is strictly pushing Green Banking channel to decrease use of paper instruments. So I would say, if the usage is not any less today, it will be tomorrow. Just a matter of time.

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  25. Pls help,
    I had subscribed for 2 years to BBC Knowledge magazine in march of this month by sending Rs 1200 as DD. As per the offer it contained an assured gift along with it but i have not received it yet. What do i do if i forgot the DD number??

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  27. Sir,
    Please tell me how much demand charges will be paid of amount Rs. 1,24,000.00. Can I make this d.d against my account in SBI., Bistupur, Jamshedpur. In one cheque can i filled this amount with commission. please advice me through mail .

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  30. Hiya, it is very informative and also understandable. Thank you for providing such info.

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    • 53923

      We have to make this a roung fig 54000
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      => 30+110
      => 140

      Therefore the DD charges for 53923 is 140.

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  73. Through Internet banking of SBI, there is a fee waiver of 30 rupees upto amount of 10,000 rupees .

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