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BSNL 3G frequently getting disconnected

If you already didn’t have enough reasons’ to tell that BSNL 3G is a failure, here is another one. Sitting virtually in the centre of Hyderabad, with my HTC Desire, I can hardly connect to BSNL’s 3G Data network. The cellular network is fine with 4 bars most of the time, dropping to 3 bars some times, but the Data network simply refuses to connect. When looking at the Signal status, when the data network state is disconnected, I see it fluctuate between -105dBm and -85dBm. The last time I got connected to HSDPA Data network was 3 days back when the signal was around -70dBm (note that there is a “-“ sign there, hence a smaller number represents greater signal strength).

I don’t know what happened to its Data network but since 3 days, the signal doesn’t get into the -70dBm’s (or higher, in value) at all. Having recharged with a special 3G Data plan, I just feel like I am ripped off. Numerous calls to their hopeless customer reps who don’t have a damn idea of what I’m talking about obviously didn’t yield any result.

If you too face frequent Data network disconnections, it is mostly due to poor signal. As I understand, Data network needs to have an excellent signal to work.

What do I do now? Since Tata Docomo and Reliance don’t have 3G licenses for AP, I will simply have to wait for Airtel (Aircel and Idea are the other two who hold licenses here) to launch their 3G services and get rid of BSNL.

Note: If you use a BSNL 3G data card and a router setup using it (so multiple people can use it), then the disconnection issue could be due to router and not the network itself. And also since its still early days for 3G in India may be the network will (or should) improve over time. Any way, as soon as airtel launches its 3G, I’m out of BSNL.

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  2. HI,Am using Nokia E63 mobile, and holding BSNL 3g connection.As one person said, am also facing similar problems with this BSNL’s stupid network.when am in heart of the city with full signals on my mobile, but the the 3g shifts on to E and again to 3g and sometimes disconnects abruptly.And as everyone knows, BSNL’s worst customer care,and am helpless but have to to wait for Airtel or Aircel etc.the tariffs might be lil high with the private operators, but they should have the quality.

  3. Dude. Thats a general failure on the HTC Desire phone. I too use a HTC Desire HD phone on the mtnl network in mumbai and it keeps disconnecting. I have gone thru mutiple forums and this problem is worldwide..

    • But the same HTC Desire worked perfectly when I was roaming in Singapore’s 3G network : (

      • Yes and HTC desire works well even for me when am in australia, USA, UK, China, Japan, Germany, Swiss, Sri lanka, And Satara, Kolhapur, Solapur and so on…

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