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BSNL 2G Unlimited GPRS Offers

If you are a BSNL Mobile customer and can’t afford its hefty 3G tariff, you may want to consider these 2G GPRS Offers instead. All other networks too offer Unlimited GPRS plans, like Airtel, Tata Docomo, Reliance, Uninor etc. But the problem is, it is limited to 2GB (they are marketed as Unlimited though). BSNL too is seen to be offering the same capped GPRS plan of 2GB for Rs.98 in some circles.

Small GPRS packs like Rs.7 voucher that gives 100MB for 1 day or Rs.14 voucher that gives 200MB for 3 days also exist.

But if your usage is more that the maximum 2GB and you have enough patience to wait till web pages load on your computer with your slow GPRS connection, you can choose the new Rs.274 recharge voucher that truly gives unlimited Mobile Internet. If your mobile is capable of acting as a modem, you can connect it to your computer and access Internet or the same is also possible if your phone has portable hotspot feature. Or if you have a compatible Data card, you can use that Sim and access Internet on your computer.

Since this is truly Unlimited, you need not check the available balance from time to time. For other smaller packs, you may dial *123*6# to check your GPRS balance.

Frequently asked Questions

From time to time we hear some questions asked by users across the site, some of them include:

Which Data Card gives maximum Speed?

On very less occasion does Speed depends on Data card. It actually depends on the Network, 2G or 3G. So you can buy any compatible Data card. If you’re getting less speed, it is mostly due to your Network

Can I use 2G Sim in a 3G Data card?

Sure you can. But you will only get 2G Speeds of 144kbps (and slightly higher if you have EDGE network).

How to know if my area is covered under BSNL 3G?

You can contact the customer care or see this post on BSNL 3G Coverage area.

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  1. How to check bsnl net pack and sms pack in bihar.

  2. I want to activate Rs.98 net pack plan in my mobile tell me simcard from haryana.

  3. Hey how come sometimes ‘H’ and sometimes ‘E’ is displayed while using net on my mobile (android). Which is good whether ‘E’ or ‘H’. Please somebody clarify this to me.

    How to check Rs.98/- data usage for prepaid account in vizag, A.P. Please do give a solution.

    • That’s because you are in ‘Dual Mode’ (or Auto Mode). ‘E’ represents Edge, which is 2G (or 2.5G to be precise) and ‘H’ represents HSPA, which is 3G.
      3G is obviously faster than 2G but consumes much more battery. You can change this setting by going to Mobile Networks -> Network Mode.


    By internet how can i get my 2g bsnl (Uttar Pradesh) main balance in inr, mb, and validity.

  5. #234# is working in AP for data check

  6. Is there is a 98 rs 3g unlimited plan for 1 month?

  7. What is the code for knowing gprs balance in TN circle

  8. hi,
    any one help me pls tell me 2g balance check

  9. Thanks a lot its really work for check bsnl internet balance in Odisha *123*3#

  10. chhattisgarh
    2g data balance ?

  11. You all are a great fool….as one comment was that he did a recharge of rs 98 but he was unable to access internet…..don’t he know,that either he will have to configure his Mobile/PC manually or automatically(If applicable)??
    Then some asked,will they would able to use 3g in 2g recharge,then they might not know,that 3g is accessible only if their sim is 3G, their using mobile is 3g supported,or they are using a PC,and they have their sim done with a 3G recharge only..

    you all are commenting,*123*6#,*123*10#,*123*xy# is working,but the number is not same as it is different in different areas!!

  12. how do i recharge bsnl 2g net pack through main balance?

  13. how to check 3g balance…. gujrat

  14. Hey Friends i am a new user of bsnl can any 1 can tell me how to activate 7 rupees net plan

  15. Can I recharge Rs.98 on 3G SIM

  16. In ODISA its *123*3# for GPRS balance and their validity .

  17. How can i recharge 149 on my mobile plz tell me friends

  18. how to check GPRS and SMS validity in odisha

  19. *123*6#, *234#, *1238*6# is not working plz help me

  20. Can I recharge Rs.98 on 3G SIM

  21. BSNL is waste company of all. Close it down hehe

  22. *112# is working in Gujarat?

  23. Call on *112# then press 2 for 2G GPRS balance

  24. Your help is not working for check gprs balance, *234#, *123*6#, *123*10#, *234*11#, *1238*6#.

  25. Guys, for BSNL 2G GPRS balance dial *234# . Thanks rajesh

  26. How to know gprs balance in bsnl mobile? *123#6 call not show

  27. how to use remaining data of bsnl when after completion voucher date

  28. how can i convert my main balance into 2g gprs balance in BSNL? PLS HELP ME….

  29. hiiii, am from Arunachal Pradesh my BSNL prepaid sim how can i check my 2g pack and how can i 3g speed in my 2g sim plz help me thanks

  30. guys just recharge with 279 rs gprs net and get super speed like around 34-150 kbps

  31. May anybody tell me how to get the speed of 3G with 2G sim.

  32. how to know gprs balance for prepaid customers in tn circle

  33. i have recharged ma bsnl card with 98…initially it was giving me 3g speed bt after completion of 200mb it is giving me 2g speed…so i want to know why it is giving me 2g speed now???

  34. How to check BSNL GPRS (2G) balance in assam ….?

  35. *123*10# is working….

  36. I recharged my new BSNL sim card with Rs.98. But GPRS is not accessible even after activation. My Moble No 8544140164.

  37. How to check BSNL 2G balance. I recharged my new BSNL sim card with Rs.98.But GPRS is not access.

  38. How to Know GPRS Balance. Please help me.

  39. how to check BSNL 2G balance. I recharged my BSNL sim card with Rs.270 and GPRS is running. BUT how to check GPRS balance in my laptop and I am using 3G Data Card.

  40. I have 3G data card and i have recharge is 98 Rs now i will want to know that how i will check the balance of my 3G data card


    I have recharge 98 but I cannot access web search I have use a modem, what is the cause this problem ? BUT Finding gprs balance is 3002mb

  42. how can i convert my main balance into 2g gprs balance in BSNL? PLS HELP ME….

  43. i want to activate Rs 98 2gb internet plan by my main balance in BSNL 2g sim , what should i do?

  44. just dial *234#

  45. BEETEL 3G usb data modem, 2G BSNL sim , Rs. 98 plan, How i can see download balance in my laptop? please help the procedure?

  46. How check BSNL 2G balance on iPad 2

  47. Simply Send “DATA3G” to 53733 . U ll Get Reply Like This ” Mobile No: *****84857- Your Remaining Day/AnyTime:2305 MB will Expire on 30/Jul/2011 17:00:05; Main Account Balance/Expiry Date:Rs.92.32/2011-12-24 23:59:59 -BSNLMOBILE”

  48. mobile gprs is not connected my pc

  49. thank u friends…this info is very useful for me…..
    i am use this,

    for friendship on facebook Dharmender prajapat..

  50. *234*11# bsnl 2g data balance check

  51. working working
    know your gprs usage
    type USG and send to 53333

  52. thanx……. 4 helping…..

  53. how to check bsnl 98rs plan balance.*1238*6# and *123*10# both are not working

  54. i recharged with 98 rs but when iam browsing talktime balance is reduced as 1paise/sec

  55. Rajneesh dubey golu emi

    I like this bsnl service i have all life need the bsnl service

  56. west pack of 98 rs. pur
    30 days net pack 2gb download

  57. same problem ……*123*6# and *123*10# both not working .its showing Recharge not possible .mine new sim

  58. How i can know that how many mb or gb i have used while using internet service on my pc.kindly help.

  59. For BSNL 3G sim user, type “Data3G” and send it to 53733 to check data balance on 3G enabled gprs connection.. it works…

  60. how to check gprs data balance on 3G bsnl sim?? Help..
    *123# isnt working anymore..

  61. how to check BSNL nestham 2G 98 offer balance. I recharged my BSNL sim card with Rs.98 and GPRS is running. BUT how to check GPRS balance.

  62. Hi Readers You can check GPRS data usage balance on *123*10#
    Its Fully worked.

  63. I have 3G data card and i have recharge is 98 Rs now i will want to know that how i will check the balance of my 3G data card

  64. the gprs balance *123*6# not working

  65. dear, let me know, i am using bsnl 3G prepaid in my ipad, but i can’t find out the balance from ipad, i recharged 4000 rupees for 6 months unlimited plan. anybody can help? In ipad, we need to use micro sim, but bsnl not supplying micro sim, i adjusted by cutting the sim, it is working.

  66. What i have to do to activate GPRS 98rs pack per month from my mobile?

  67. good speed 20kbps to 25 kbps

  68. *123*10# for used gprs pack in Rs98 pack.
    getting speed 15-20kbps.

  69. the gprs balance *123*6# not working

  70. I am having BSNL, 2 G SIM , want to activate 2GB @98/- per month for Internet use. Presently my mobile is in Roaming can I activate ? please suggest how I can activate 98/- per month in 2GB for Internet use.

  71. the gprs balance *123*6# not working
    new sim card buy 4 days ago

  72. is vishakhapatnam ,andra pradesh
    is in 3g coverage area

  73. To know the gprs balance *123*6# not working for me

  74. we get v good 3g speed dat too js for 98 recharge , the speed is about 460 kbps
    ravi mundra from ichalkaranji

  75. will I get 3g speed on a 2g sim since my mobile shows a “H”
    instead of a “G” or “E” im using 3g enabled mobile n I’m in a 3g coverage area
    I hvnt enrolled for 3g plan since its expensive than 2g
    kindly help

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