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The Birth Place baby delivery hospital in Hyderabad (Fee: Rs.80000)

The Birth Place, a hospital specializing in Child delivery is coming to your city. So what’s special about this, you might ask.

Well, everything is special. This isn’t your normal Hitech hospital; far above it. It only deals with things related to delivery of babies. It completely takes out the ‘hospital experience’ and presents the mother and her family a ‘feel at home’ experience. A special ‘Neonatal Intensive Care Unit’, special Delivery recovery suits’, personalized staff is just a norm here. Well, in short, The Birth Place makes delivery a memorable experience, in a luxurious way.

Since things are looking over normal, the fee the hospital charges are, also over normal. And I’m not talking about fee charged by your local street hospital. The fee here is about 15% above the Ultra Premium high end hospitals. To say the least, The Birth Place charges about Rs.80000 for a ‘Normal Delivery’ and don’t even ask how much would be the fee if it was a Caesarean section delivery. But then, they don’t just get the baby out and hand it over to you. They provide the mother with all the comfort she needs before the delivery and after. They also provide lessons to the mother on how to take care of the baby post delivery. So if you think its worth, it is.

The first of its kind hospital will soon come up in Banjara Hills (by March 2012), as one might expect, and the hospital is expecting about 1000 deliveries in the first year.

Update: The hospital is up and running. Its located at Road Number 2 Banjara Hills. I’m yet to find someone who have used their services. So if anyone of you reading this has either visited the hospital for enquiry or used their services, I’d love to hear from you. What are your thoughts about the services provided by the Birth place? Please write in the comments below or use the contact link above so I can update this article accordingly.

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  1. Do you specialize only in deliveries? I am interested in your gynecology department. I have some sensitive gynecology issues for which i am looking for an excellent gynecologist. Do you have such outpatient services?

    Please let me know.


  2. Sir now i am working in film nagar cultural center in billing section. Kindly mail me an vacancies in billing department .

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