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Belkin Wireless Modem Routers

It’s always cool to have a router connected to your Broadband modem so that you can use your Broadband from any where in your home or office. It is even cooler to have both modem and router in a single instrument, which looks more trendy and of course saves some place on the desk. These are called Modem routers or ADSL routers. Using these, you just need to connect your Broadband cable (or an RJ11 wire from your land telephone using a switcher) to the Internet port of the ADSL router and you’ll be ready to go. No more hassle with wires from modem to router, phone to modem and stuff.

There are many companies that offer ADSL routers, but today we’ll see ADSL routers from Belkin, a trusted brand when it comes to networking related products.

Belkin differentiates its products in to four types, Basic, Surf, Share and Play Max, with features increasing in that order.

If you are looking for these products in India, the Basic Wireless Modem Router (ADSL router) costs you something around Rs.3600 and the Surf Wireless modem router around Rs.4400. Not many differences exist between these two except that Surf version can send its signal to a larger distance (range). If you will use ADSL router for your home, either one of these two should do it for you.

If you are looking for your Home Office or a regular Office, you can take a look at Share and Play Max that offer much more features. These ADSL routers come for around Rs.5500 and Rs.11400 respectively.

One of my friend uses a Surf ADSL router and her she has a positive experience with the product over 1 year of usage. The only negative thing she told me was that the support was next to nothing. On few occasions when she had trouble she had to resort to public forums on the Internet or get a techie friend look at it to solve the issue.

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