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Bag it today Reebok watch offer

Okay, another interesting mailer I’ve received today. It was from IRCTC Promotions, on behalf of Bag it today, a part of The India Today Group.

I have never subscribed to Bag it today or any of its Group portals. I received this mail since I use IRCTC occasionally for reserving train tickets. It’s clear that Bag it today has used the ‘Huge mailing list’ of IRCTC to send out its supposedly ‘An anniversary offer’. Now is this according to the terms of IRCTC, since it clearly lent our email id’s to Bag it today? I don’t know, will have to check their terms again.

Now the Content of the mailer

It says that my email address has been selected for a FREE GIFT worth Rs.2599. There is also a Promotion ticket number attached to my email address, to make it look like a real lottery.

Now the catch. The Free gift, a Reebok Double Glass Timepiece, isn’t actually free. I will have to pay for the Gift delivery, Promotion and handling charges to get the free gift. These charges amount to Rs.499, which I have to pay on delivery in cash. Which at least tells that this is not one of those fake Promotion email that you may get daily.

Now tell me if I can’t the same watch for Rs.499 if I buy it on the street outside?

What I did? Just reported it as Spam (since there was no option to unsubscribe from the mailing list, which isn’t cool). Poor IRCTC, their genuine Promotion mails too might get caught by my Spam filters from now.

Update: I have got few more similar promotional emails from Bag It Today since this episode and everyone has the same theme; you are one of the few, pay for handling and gift is yours. This is nothing but emotional selling. Please do understand that it is just not your email alone that is getting selected and it just not you who is getting these mails; thousands of others will receive the same mails as you.

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  1. Shortlisted for a Reward !!
    Fabulous News! You have been shortlisted to receive a Reward – MTV WRIST WATCH Worth
    Rs 2999 FREE!

  2. Don’t attend to these mails, frauds are sending these mails


  4. Even I received the same sort of mail, saying free Numero Uno watch of worth Rs:2750.
    But cleverly I thought of searching for the same mailers…..what I doubted is true…

    These all are fake mails……But how come irctc mngt able to sell the mail info database to others?

  5. I also got this mail, I think better if we neglet it…

  6. Hey this all is fake… do not waste your money in this.

  7. anyway i have replied to this mail. wait and see

  8. i also got this email, please suggest me whether i shall reply to this email or not.

  9. yes i also received this mail ,i need suggestion

  10. Dear sir,

    i have recieved the same regarding the Reebok watches,
    this is just for your your information i am posting


  11. Me too recieved this mail thanks god maine phele search kar liya products ke baare me aur finally get results

  12. This is totally fake ignore this mail

  13. Me too recevied the same mail.

    I need your suggestion on this…

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