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Zovi velvet Blue sneakers review

Having used these sneakers for few months, I thought I’d write up my experience of using them. I bought the zovi branded sneakers (shown in picture) last year during the diwali festival season. The price was around Rs.700. At the time of writing this review, I couldn’t find the exact same sneakers on Zovi but I could find it on atleast 1 other online retailer, Flipkart. The price was upped to Rs.1299. If you think that’s Flipkart playing evil game, no, since similar sneakers at Zovi were priced Rs.1299 too.

Would I buy these now at Rs.1299 a pair? Read on..

Quality and Looks

The top is made of velvet and bottom has rubber. Velvet looks good as such but there’s a problem. It only looks good when it is completely combed to one side. You comb it the other side, the nice Blue (or Navy, I should say) colour looks completely washed out. The sole part is just okay to provide you casual comfort. Expecting a cushioning support for a casual shoe is a far ask. The stitching looks premium. zovi blue velvet sneakersThere’s a slightly tough material beneath the velvet which doesn’t let the front part of the shoe curve as your feet moves (comfort bargain). But, the hard material provides longevity to the shoe. But as I said, you’re really not buying a casual sneaker for comfort.

The rubber bottom provides excellent grip in hard indoor surfaces; ceramic tiles, marbles, wood etc and is also not too bad for hard muddy ground. In the initial few days that I wore them, a noise used to come for each foot step that I make, sort of like toddlers shoes with a whistle (okay, I exaggerated it a bit, but just get the sense), due to excessive rubber gripping the hard surface. That sorted out itself in a week or so.

Dirt Magnet

For complete indoor usage, it will definitely take atleast 2 weeks of usage for you to think of cleaning the shoes. But an occasional unforeseen play in the ground with these on, you’ll surely need a cleaning them that night. Velvet holds dirt but fortunately it’s not that difficult to clean. Rubbing the surface of cloth with a brush will remove most of the dirt for you to put them on tomorrow at a ‘okay’ condition. For more cleaner clean, you’ll need a wet cloth, slightly warm water and a little bit of detergent.

Going back to the question, would I buy it now at Rs.1299?

I probably would not. For this price, I would look at ‘brands’, not a newbie.

Unrelated to this product, I’m overall disappointed with a way Zovi is taking itself forward. It is no longer a cute little company that would have clear cut cheapest prices. Its’ a shame, because it really wasn’t long back that I thought Zovi is my thing. Across the board, it has raised its prices and is following this terrible trend of fooling people with discount coupons. Don’t fall for the bait people; you’re still paying more even after using a coupon.

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