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Zovi.com review: My new online fashion destination

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you’d know that I’m sort of an online shopping freak. Having said that, I don’t shop just because there are some random offers. I only shop when I need something. I’ve been hearing about Zovi for quite some time now and very recently, I’m also seeing them very frequently in the TV. Sure, I wanted to try their stuff soon and I waited for the day when I need something from them. And, that day has arrived; I bought a cool light blue jeans from them.

Before Zovi, my go to destination for apparels and fashion accessories was Myntra.com. I think I have some 20 odd orders from them till date. There are other players like Jabong and Yebhi that I have tried, but for some reason I find Myntra more comfortable.

Where Zovi is different?

Unlike others players who source their stuff from different brands, Zovi designs and makes the apparels on their own, under their brand, Zovi. That advantage clearly shows in their prices. They don’t have to pay to the brands and there are no middlemen. It’s just Zovi and you.

Having been a very loyal customer of Myntra till now, I can confidently say that Myntra’s prices are on the higher side. Zovi, on the other hand, provides the best prices. Period. Sure, you don’t get things from your favourite brands like Lee, Reebok, Nike or Asics from Zovi but from what I see (the jeans), it is definitely comparable with the best. Besides, I’m the last person who’ll pay a brand premium when the quality is no superior to something available for cheap. Just no point.Zovi packaging

Where Zovi does not rank?

It’s in the range of products. Zovi is young; their catalogue is very small. I think I’ve been observing Zovi for 2 months before I placed my first order. I’ve seen a few products go out of stock and not appearing back again in all these days (and there are customers asking for them). So I  Zovi Packaging Box suppose their manufacturing capacity is also, small. On the other hand, I’ve also seen new range of stock  added to their catalogue. Its’ definitely growing and people are behind them. How do I know? I’m keeping a watch on its facebook page; which grew from 90K likes to 108K (at the time of writing this) likes in no time.

As I said, I still have to shop from Myntra for an odd product or two but for most other things; I think I have found a new destination.

Packaging and shipping

I normally don’t rave about packaging. But the packing of Zovi is so beautiful that I had to write about it. For what my online shopping experience is worth, Zovi has the best packaging till date; not even Myntra, not even Flipkart (which I’m a great fan of), Yebhi, Jabong, you name it, had such packaging. See the pictures. It’s a custom recyclable cardboard made box that my jeans came in. And sure enough, the shipping is as good as the packaging; a 3rd day delivery.

What I did not like

I hate when (few) online retailers put the invoice outside the packaging for everyone to see what’s in it. I took up this with few of the sites before; while some of them said they will take a note of it, some have made it clear that it is something that is necessary according to rules. I don’t know what is right or what the rules are but I don’t like it at all.

Update: Well, 4 months have passed since this review. A couple of purchases more and I think I have changed my opinion on Zovi. It is no longer that cute little company with outright lowest rates. It has made partnerships with other retailers (such as Inkfruit) and it is extensively getting into the coupon type of business; which I just hate. Right now, its prices are no longer cheap compared to established brands and I see no reason to continue shopping with them.

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  1. Thanks. I was going to put an order (my first) and just thought of checking about the shipping time. I’ll go ahead now.

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