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Why do people vote for BJP (or even Congress)?

I have a very simple theory. I will never vote for a party that doesn’t come out to show its ‘source of funds’ to public and that which doesn’t stop giving tickets to candidates with criminal records. No matter who comes and screams ‘our development model’ or ‘Har hath shakti’, I will just not listen to them until the first two points are taken care of.

Let’s leave Congress for now. It’s down in the gutter and let it be there for good. Let’s talk about BJP. Why should anyone vote for BJP? I’ll not go down the route of Modi being involved in 2002 riots. It has been cleared by the Supreme court and the matter ends there. Except for any political mileage, it’s really of no use now to discuss about his involvement in the riots.

But is that all? NO.

Look what happened to BJP Government in Karnataka. Why was it voted out? Extreme scandals. Of course the Congress would be removed again after 5 years and may be BJP will come to power. The cycle just repeats.

Just Google for ‘BJP scams list’ when it was in power.

The Modi factor

Modi will change everything including BJP; I hear people saying. In fact, the reverse is true. It’s the BJP who has made Modi and Modi himself says he is proud of his roots. And we all know the roots of BJP very well (I’m not even going near the RSS; I’m talking about the ground level cadre). Modi

There’s a Modi wave in the country. Sure there is. But is this a real one or an artificially created one? Best bet would be to say ‘both’. An artificial one first which further influenced certain ‘real people’. I would say Social Media played a big role. In fact, if elections were to be held online, there will be no question of any party winning other than BJP. They’ve got their online strategy perfectly right. But, there’s a dark side to this that many people are not aware.

I would request readers to go through this quora (especially the reply by Anonymous with most Upvotes;)  in full and know how the online volunteers of BJP work. Remember, it’s not just BJP who does this. Congress does this and so does AAP. But my worry is, ordinary people are easily getting swayed by this falsely created online popularity contest.

The Gujarat Development Model

This is another point of argument. Most people don’t even make efforts to verify these ‘development claims’. They simply go by words of BJP leaders.

Please check this link (and various other parameters present to the right of that page) and see where Gujarat stands in Vaccination coverage.  It’s utterly important to know that ‘development’ doesn’t just mean roads  and buildings. It means the general well being of ‘all people’. Sure some of the data is not new but you will atleast get some idea about the development in Gujarat.

I’ll be very happy if Modi can really bring about a change in the state of our country. But unfortunately, being in a party like BJP, which I think is no different from Congress, I’m not in his favour.

You may think I’m an AAP supporter since I have mentioned that I don’t like either Congress or BJP. For you information, where I live, AAP only has a token candidate who really is not known by many and he himself is not making much efforts to change that. So that is not the case; atleast for me.

Anyway, this is not about who I support. This is about you, the people; why are you voting for BJP? What is the reason? Is it because you have no option? Is it because you like Modi? Or is it because you still like BJP over Congress?

PS. Only reasonable arguments will be published in comments. Senseless Namo chants will find place in the bin. Thank you.

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  1. Sorry to jump in so late but it would have been quite helpful if the article had provided a solution to this problem. Human-Beings inherently are selfish and put their self interest at first and gather power, money and resources for himself whether its AAP, Cong, or BJP. So its a kind of predicament and a moral dilemma when we have to choose the least intolerable and the least miserable party…

  2. sirji, hame to lagta hai ki modi atsa hai, rahulji pmship ki liye thik nahi tha. nothing is perfect but bjp/modi is better. kyun apka kya khayal hai ji.

  3. Firstly I am a NOTA voter & secondly i completely agree with your first 2 points & add one more to that i.e. Implementation of police reforms & social responsibility act 2011, UK.

    Now you may ask why i am demanding a law made in UK for India, because we have never made one ourselves (Police Act 1861 was made & implemented by Britishers) & these politicians will not provide revolutionary changes if they make a new law now so it is better if we implement the law which UK has constantly improved for the benefit of people.

    Secondly I accept your views but only partially because what most people miss is that India has one of the largest tribal population & add to that the poor population of India (almost 1/3 of total population).Tribals are easily swayed towards a person who they know & if he/she is from their community they generally vote for that candidate. Same is the case in terms of caste & many parties use this combination to garner votes from uneducated masses. Divisive politics of reservations, communal speeches, unawareness of people & lastly “nothing is going to change attitude” all result in favor of political parties. Political parties know that they win from poor votes hence they always refer to them during ‘Election campaigns’.

    Until & unless these people don’t start demanding for their rights nothing is going to change.

    My strategy :- Vote NOTA, make people aware, increase NOTA % to 20-30% of voting population & demand these changes. Then not only will these parties will have to listen but they will have to change as well.

  4. Sir student k liya kuch kro

  5. You seem to have a taken total negative stand. With the current situation, people will overwhelmingly vote for Modi, not even for BJP . The word of gujrat development has spread like a virus.
    More over no party has a visionary leader like Modi at present.
    U cannot be so pessimistic, other wise we will have get president rule all over india

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