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What is a ‘deposit’ in elections?

“You will not even get your deposit back”. You should have heard this quite a few times from politicians, when talking about his rival during elections.

But what does a deposit actually mean?

First of all, for a candidate to contest in polls, he or she needs to submit their nomination papers at the EC offices in their respective states. Those whose nominations are found valid should have deposited Rs.10000 as a security Deposit if he/she is contesting for a Lok Sabha seat or Rs.5000 for an Assembly Seat. The amount to be deposited is half the above in the case of candidate under Schedule caste or Schedule tribe.

The amount deposited will either be returned back to the depositor or forfeited to the Government of India according to some conditions.

Conditions when the amount is returned back to the depositor:

  • The nomination made by the candidate if found to be invalid.
  • The candidate has withdrawn his nomination even though it is found valid.
  • The candidate dies before the commencement of polls.
  • The candidate lost the polls but secured 1/6th of the total number of valid votes polled in that election.
  • The candidate has won the election.
  • The candidate has won the election even if he/she has not secured 1/6th of the total valid votes.
  • Incase of a SC/ST candidate depositing Rs.10000 or Rs.5000, as the case may be, not knowing the fact that he/she has to deposit only half that amount, the excess amount will be returned back to the candidate.

So effectively, a contestant will only loose his deposit when he loses and doesn’t get at least 1/6th of valid votes. For example, if there are 60000 valid votes polled in a constituency where there are two contestants, A and B. For B to lose his security deposit, A has to get atleast 50000 votes.

Of course, if there are more number of contestants, the votes will be split further and the winning margin would come down. There may even arise a situation when a person who secures less than 10000 votes may win. Hence both the conditions of losing and not getting 1/6th of valid votes must be satisfied to lose a deposit.

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  1. Please check the amount required for security deposit for MP, it is 25000 ( gen) and 12500 (reserved category).

    Why all guys here emphasizing on “” Middle class””.

  2. Dear Brothers and Sisters of this site, first of all ill introduce myself to you all, my name is R. Rajavendhan from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I am a person from a middle class family and I wanted to help all the sections of people irrespective of their origin colour or religion. i am very interest in serving for all the people’s in our country. so if any one who likes my inheart. so I strongly believe in Humanity first and we humans have to understand each other very well then only achieve a great India‚Ķ

  3. ECI conduct good election but criminal record ,scam record like MLA &MPs are also conducting polls today still .we should awaking people from like this behaviour of politicians ,we should vote those one who have guaranty to maintain accountable , transparent , ethically correct ,good governance ,we should do ,one who representative politician vote for good one irrespective of religion, cast ,colour, region…….I would like to say that to eradicate cast system, corruption, communalism,and then better and better INDIA will be present so my brother and sister we are starting from me.

  4. caste certificate co ka chelega

  5. Suresh Kaundinya

    I have contested for MLA in year 2007 and i got less vote means less than 1/6 of total votes poll in last election and now general gujarat state assembly election are in december. Shall i contest again MLA or there is rule that my deposit is forfeited then I cannot contest in next election. Pls reply me and also give us reference of law.

  6. This amount should be in reach of poor people as well otherwise politics will remain in hands of riches and some talented people would lose this opportunity bcs of their poverty.

  7. Namasthe! Increasing of DEPOSITS tells & that is, we have no idea to restrict the unnecessary
    NOMINATIONS. ___ COMMON MAN Is not elegible to nomination. Why because we are in DEMOCRASY. EC installed the new abrivation : Who had 11,00000/- of minimum amount,
    he/she are ALIVE & maybe others are just like that.

    Note: If this amount of deposits will continues, —
    At any cost, Candidate as a INDIPENDENT will get the deposit if he lose in ELECTIONs
    But not for any party candidates.

    Please excuse if any hard words in above matter.


  8. Hi,
    i don’t agree that the deposit should be collected in Lakhs, as India is a democratic country, even poor is eligible to contest in an elections, if poor is an efficient, we would be losing him if he cant afford the Deposit.
    But in reality, it happens only with rich politicians or land lords who make deposit and ensure that they get back the deposited amount thanks to MUSCLE-MONEY POWER.


  9. should be 1lakh for MLA, 2lakhs for MP,then only we can aviod indipendents(waste).

  10. Ya mee too. but is 10000 any amount for our leaders? it should be in higher lacks. atleast then only sure and confident candidate will contest

  11. I knew the deposit amount but never knew the deposit forfeiting terms.
    Glad that I know now.
    Good effort.

    • Syed Anwar (Ex Corporator Candidate)

      Hi “One and All”,
      Dear Brothers and Sisters of this site first of all ill introduce myself to you all, my name is Syed Anwar S/o Syed Yousuf and the R/o Sayeedabad in Hyderabad and I have contested in GHMC Elections for Coroporator and lost due to non availability of funds as I have spent very little in the Elections and the candidate who won have Spent around 1.5 Crores in GHMC Elections for Corporator I hope you can understand at what level todays politics are…

      I am a poor person from a middle class family and I wanted to help all the sections of people irrespective of their origin colour or religion as first of all we are human beings and then only we belong to any of the communities so I strongly believe in Humanity first and we humans have to understand each other very well then only achieve a great India…

      Thanks & Regards to One and All…
      Syed Anwar

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