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Volvo bus price in India (B9R Multi axle and B7R Intercity)

I love travelling in buses. For most others, they prefer trains for longer journeys, for one that they can sleep peacefully and two, the price is comparatively cheaper. But for some reason, I simply cherish travelling in (Volvo) buses and I also remember I used to argue with my little friends that Volvo buses travel faster than most trains in India; which is sometimes true by the way.

Having travelled so many times and for so many years in the Volvo buses, I had to know more about them, especially, how much they each cost.

The first thing I came to know (long ago) that Volvo is not a category in luxury bus travel but the name of a company that produces buses, hence the name.. hehe.

The first Volvo bus was introduced in 2001 in India and currently, there are two categories of buses, one the Intercity coach and two, a low-floor city bus (you can see these mostly in Bangalore city).

The Intercity Volvo buses are the common Volvo that most people are aware of. Various developments happened in the intercity coach and of late, a multi-axle (having another set of wheels, mostly at the back, see Wikipedia for more) coach has also been launched.

The current variant of Multi-axle (or tri-axle) Interstate Volvo available is B9R which is priced at Rs.85 lakhs. The normal, 2 axle Interstate Volvo available is B7R, which is priced at Rs.70 lakhs.

You can check Volvobuses for the technical specs of these two Volvo’s but for an outsider, the main difference between these two is the length of the bus. The B9R adds about 8 additional seats to the 45 seat capacity of B7R.

Update: There are two new buses, B11R and B13R. B11R has two variants, one with 53 seats just like a B9R and the other with 55 seats. B13R is a ultra-luxury Volvo with 53 seats.

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