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Vodafone starts ‘START STOP’ service (321 for VAS)

Following Airtel, here is Vodafone starting its own ‘START – STOP’ service. Using the service, you can START or STOP any Value added services for your Vodafone number, including Astro alerts, Devotional alerts, Music and Movies packs, News alerts, Sports alerts etc.

All you need to do is send an SMS to 321 with START or STOP as the keywords. If you send START, you will be presented with the list of VAS to subscribe to. And in few days, when the VAS are about to empty your balance, you can send STOP (to 321) to stop any active services on your number.

Mind you, this service is especially useful in cases where you are tricked to subscribe to a service, just like how I was tricked to subscribe to stupid Videos Vogue service from Airtel. Instead of calling the customer care and pestering them, you can simply send STOP to ‘really stop’ further auto-debit your balance.

I’m not a subscriber of Vodafone but I can tell you that this really is a very useful feature. Airtel had this option since a long time ago and and I often find myself using the service to (mainly) stop a service. This is one of the main reason why I have even stopped using the airtel prepaid mobile portal. I can just do everything I want myself. From useless VAS (yes, useless) that I mentioned above to SMS offers and even 2G, 3G data pack subscriptions; everything can be started and stopped at my will.

I do not know if Vodafone’s start stop will be as good but if it is, you’ll definitely find it very useful. It’s good for both you (as everything is under your control) and Vodafone (as it significantly reduces the tasks of its customer care reps).

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