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Visa and MasterCard have highest transaction success rate at IRCTC

Yesterday I was booking a ticket for my uncle on the IRCTC website and observed an interesting thing. In the payment page, IRCTC has categorized different payment methods (credit cards, debit cards, internet banking, cash cards) into Gold, Silver and Bronze categories depending on their respective ‘success rates’. Although there was no official description provided for this ‘success rate’, we can safely assume this to be that percentage of transactions where customers have successfully booked their tickets. IRCTC Success rates

It’s not very uncommon for customers to experience a ‘Time Out’ error while booking their tickets. And these stats just prove that there are in fact a lot of people that who go through similar (bad) experiences.

According to its classification, the Gold category has greater than 80% success rate, followed by Silver category with 70 to 80% success rate and Bronze with less than 70% success rate.

Credit cards section

Here, Visa and Master Cards processed through HDFC or ICICI Bank Gateway have the highest success rate of >80%. The Axis bank gateway falls in the Silver category and CITI Bank gateway falls in the Bronze category.

American express credit card, too, has a success rate of less than 70%

Internet Banking

Probably the second most favourite payment mode of customers, internet banking, doesn’t have a Gold category at all. SBI (and its associate banks), Federal bank, IDBI bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank and IndusInd Bank all have just 70 to 80% success rate. Remaining banks have even lower rates of <70%.

Debit cards

The most favourite payment mode, debit cards, especially via SBI ATM cum Debit card has a success rate of 70 to 80%. If you have a Visa/MasterCard Debit card and are using a payment gateway, the same success rates mentioned above for Credit cards are applicable.

Cash Cards

Along with Credit cards (HDFC and ICICI payment gateway), ITZ cash card, I cash card and Beam have a success rate of greater than 80%. Oxi Cash card fall in the silver category.

It’s interesting to see IRCTC put these stats open to public. Sure it really does help the public to choose that payment method which has greater success rates. For those who are restricted by ways to make a payment, they have no option but to pay using that method even if the success rate is less. But if you have the comfort of choosing a variety of payment ways, you now know which one to choose now; Visa/Master card via HDFC or ICICI Bank payment gateway.

Personally, I don’t think it’s a problem with any of these third party providers but the issue is with the IRCTC site itself. It would be a lot better if IRCTC ramps up their servers instead of diverting users to different payment directions.

Want to pay using a 100% success rate channel? Go stand in a line at a railway booking counter or wait for IRCTC e-Wallet to be launched online.

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