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Now you can update your aadhaar information online

Earlier we’ve written a post on making corrections in Aadhaar card mentioning that a procedure will be laid out in future. It now appears that the procedure has been laid and users who need to make corrections to their aadhaar data can do so either online or offline (by post).

You can change (or make corrections, as applicable) your name, gender, Birth date, address and mobile number.

How to update Aadhaar data?

The easiest way is of course through online. Just visit this page and follow the instructions carefully.

For your convenience, here are steps involved:

  • Enter your Aadhaar number
  • If you have registered a mobile number during registration for aadhaar, you will receive a One Time Password to login. If you haven’t registered a mobile number, you can enter a number now to receive the password.Making aadhaar corrections online
  • Login using the password
  • Make the required corrections and upload supporting documents (you can see the list of allowed documents)
  • Submit update application
  • A update request number will be generated which you can use to track your update request

Your application will be scrutinized and if everything looks legit, a new aadhaar card with corrected information will be sent to you. You can track the same using the earlier Aadhaar card tracking system.

In case you are not well versed with online application procedure, you can also accomplish the same by sending update application through post. You must download this application form and also this pdf for help on how to fill the form and to see the addresses where you should send the application. In case you cannot even download forms online, you may visit the Aadhaar regional centre in your city to make changes to your aadhaar information.

If you want, you may also fill the details online, using the online procedure, download it and send it offline via post along with supporting documents to the concerned addresses.

Note: If you are applying through post, you must fill the complete form even though you only need to correct a particular field, for example, your name.

UIDAI has also developed a dedicated resident portal as an easy self service tool where you can know and do a lot of things concerned with your aadhaar data.

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  1. I corrected our address and date of birth online. After correction how can I check our aadhar status and how can I download our corrected aadhar card.

    • Did you also send documents as proof for corrected information? If you did, they will verify them again and make necessary corrections. You can download the card the same way like before.

  2. How can i get my dob changed in aadhaar? I entered it wrong.

  3. I have not yet applied for aadhaar card. I’ve one doubt that, my father is working for singareni collieries company. He has two names, one is at sccl and another at home town, he want to enroll for aadhaar but is it possible to enroll two names for one person? One name is original and another as secondary name. Please reply.

    • The enrollment form has only one field for name and when I last checked the software, where the staff input the data from your form, it too had just one field for Name. So I guess its not possible to have two identities officially.
      Your father should register with that name which is on his certificates and is used for official purposes, like in payrolls in SCCL.

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