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TRAI Online complaint filing process against telecom companies

Have you ever been charged for a subscription service that you never subscribed for? Have you ever been billed over your maximum billing cap? Did your telecom company refuse to transfer your mobile number to another service provider? Or Do you have a general complaint on the service quality of your telecom provider?

Until now, you were left on your own to take up the matter with your service provider. Some succeed in getting their problems solved and some just leave it since it’s not worth the effort. And some, while not successful initially, take it up with Consumer courts and find success there.

But now, there’s a definite guidelines that consumers can follow to get their problems solved. These guidelines are setup by TRAI. This is exactly what IRDA did with Insurance complaints. It setup IGMS to solve all problems policy holders had with their insurance companies. But unlike IRDA, which takes some responsibility in solving the issues, TRAI clearly states that ultimate responsibility lies with the telecom operators to solve consumers issues. It has merely setup a website to give instructions on how to proceed in certain matters, unlike IRDA which has TRAI telecom complaint systemdeveloped a central system where consumers could register their complaint, see its status, post appeal and get final resolution; all at one place.

How to register a complaint?

Anyway, something is better than nothing. This is the site that you need to check for the process. It merely gives you telephone numbers of concerned department in each telecom company with whom you must register your initial complaint. When you register a complaint, you will be given a complaint number, which you can use to track the status.

In case your complaint has not been addressed to your satisfaction (or not addressed with in specified timelines; more on this below), you can raise an appeal at the appellate authority. On the same website, you can get email ID’s of concerned appellate authorities. Here too, you will get a unique appeal number, after you raise an appeal.

There’s a detailed process which the appellate authority follows and this takes time to reach final conclusion. Remember that you will only reach appellate authority if you’re not satisfied with the resolution provided by your telecom company. Every company needs to solve complaints in a certain time period laid by the TRAI. For example, complaints regarding service disruption and faulty repairs have to be dealt with within 3 days.

Likewise, on the most commonly heard complaint is regarding billing or charging for unwanted services. Unfortunately, the time period for solving issues related to billing is set at 4 weeks.

You can download this PDF from TCCMS giving you specific number of days for each type or issue with in which the companies need to address your concern.

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  1. My tatadocomo number 908**70 has been deactivated last week, saying that its due from the same name past 7yrs before. Outstanding is 1950. But i paid in the yr 2007 -2008 to the collection executive as he told the final settlement for that due. From then no calls for my number and i thought they closed. After 7yrs the Tata docomo bring the same issue. How i could i pay.

  2. Airtel has been debiting 11rs every month from my balance.

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