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The Lokpal Bill drama: Shouldn’t Team Anna compromise too?

Anyone who has seen yesterday’s evening session of the Parliament would have clearly known what everyone’s point of view is. Home Minister, P Chidambaram, has clearly explained what issues the Government is facing, what they can allow and what they cannot. Again, one should have the skill here to separate which of them are facts and which are not.

Couple of points that I want to raise here:

Home Minister has said that Team Anna wanted ‘The Jan Lokpal’ bill to be passed by the parliament and hence are doing what they are doing now.

Right from the beginning, ever since the Government agreed to draft the Lokpal bill along with the civil society members, we’ve been hearing Government compromising on various points raised by Team Anna.

As far as I’m concerned, the team (anna) must also look at settling out few things rather than just do what they want to do. Look at these main differences between Lokpal bill and Jan Lokpal bill. There are few things that can be settled at a middle point by talks. For example, the punishment term can easily be revised and settled for a middle term agreeable to both, the PM thing can also be re-looked. Having said that, there are also other things that certainly cannot be compromised, for example, the rights of Lokpal to launch an investigation by itself instead of waiting for go ahead from Speaker and Chairman of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha respectively.

If both the groups stick on to their ego’s, matter will never go ahead.

The second point is the support from opposition parties.

Although you may get the feeling that every opposition party is supporting Anna Hazare, you may be surprised to know that they are ‘only’ supporting the public anger over the arrest of Mr.Anna but not necessarily his version of Lokpal bill.

This was clearly evident from yesterday’s session when Home Minister asked the house ‘Can we allow a third person to make a bill and force the house to pass it on?’. The answer was a resounding ‘NO’, from all the parties.

So, if Anna Hazare and his team don’t want to compromise a single bit on their version of the bill, then tough luck getting it passed.

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