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Tata Sky Everywhere TV (on Mobile) is not free. But why not?

Tata Sky Every Where TV. You must have already heard about it by now. Although Tata Sky isn’t the first DTH company to launch such a product, I was happy this came through. What I was not happy was to hear that I had to pay separately to watch TV on mobile. Being a subscriber of Tata Sky already, I didn’t think this was right. Some might agree with me and some others might say ‘Geez, these people want everything for free’. Fair Enough. I’m not going to argue what is right or wrong but I think this could have been done in other ways too.

There are already plenty of Mobile TV apps which we can pay and use. I’m not talking about apps from individual channels; but those apps like Nex Gtv where we can watch TV from many channels. When I first heard about Everywhere TV, I honestly thought it would be an additional (free) service for its existing customers. But it wasn’t to be (although, still, only Tata Sky customers can get Anywhere TV).

What could’ve they done differently?

Ads is one obvious idea. Ad supported free apps are so much more popular than paid apps in India and hence the reach will be high as well. Tata Sky Everywhere TV

Tie up with mobile operators. Seriously, who watches videos using mobile data? 2G costs less but it will be quite frustrating to watch TV on such so speeds, if at all it is possible in the first place. 3G is fine but its costs would be unbearable for most. 3G speeds vary between 1 to 3Mbps so accordingly you would get medium to high video quality. At this speed, a 1Hr video would consume anywhere between 400 to 600MB. Now, how much does 3G cost? Where I stay, it costs nearly Rs.100 for 300MB of 3G usage (may vary according to operator and circle). So to watch just 1 hr TV, I will need to spend Rs.200 plus the charges for Everywhere TV activation, which is Rs.60 per month at present. This is simply ridiculous; Rs.260 for 1Hr of TV per month. As I said, you could do with less than this but those slow speeds would frustrate you like anything.

Remember, at present there are only a few channels available (about 50 or so) and all in SD format. If in the future HD channels are added, those will need even higher data speeds and even higher usage charges.

So, somehow Tata Sky could tie up with mobile operators and avoid some of these costs.

I know you may be thinking there is also wifi option in mobiles. I know that too, but where is wifi available for you to use? At home? You could well see the TV itself. At office? Live TV in Office; you must be joking. Coffee shops and airports? That’s limited just like your data plans.

Also, if you have more than 1 mobile device, for example an iPhone and an iPad, you have to pay Rs.60 plus Rs.60 (plus data charges) in case you want to see TV in both the devices.

Third, offer it for completely free as an additional service to existing Tata Sky connection. If they think this is too good a service to provide for free, then they might consider providing it for free for those high paying customers; like those who spend more than the average. For example, if Tata Sky is currently earning Rs.3000 per connection per year on average, provide mobile TV for free to those who pay more than this amount per year. This might get lower paying customers spend that little more and get this for free.

Note: Everywhere TV is currently only available for iOS and will be available for Android soon.

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  1. I like this post, Honestly. There are lot of Indians who didn’t have 3G Mobiles yet and the charges of 3G are not bearable to all. They usually download the videos from apps or directly by reaching website’s. They are little more time consuming but they are at very low cost.

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