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Tata Group to do a Nano House

News regarding Mahindra Nano house is older; what’s new is the news regarding Nano housing from the Tata Group, the group that pioneered cheap travel by introducing Nano car. While Mahindra Nano houses are still under research and development somewhere in the United States, these Rs.31000 houses have already been built across 30 locations in the country on a pilot basis. With the feedback from all the stake holders, these Nano houses would be built in full scale by the end of this very year.

You have different models too, depending on how much you can extend above the Rs.31000 (500 Euro) mark. The basic model will be built in an area of 20 sq mtrs (215 sq ft) and if you’d prefer a little more space, say 30 sq mtrs (323 sq ft), your house cost will go up by another 200 Euros (roughly 31000+19200). The other model, if you prefer, would also have a solar panel on the roof top to provide you with the electricity you need to run your daily life. Remember that solar panels would be present in Mahindra Nano house, which only costs Rs.15000 a house.

These houses are kind of a do it your self houses. Tata will provide you with the roof, doors, windows and walls which all have to be assembled on the ground and your Tata Nano house would be ready. They say, these houses can last up to 20 years easily.

Obviously, with projects of this kind, price is the main focal point. Hence, Tata group is in talks with the parts providers to discuss the price feasibility over a longer term.

Its clear that this is mainly aimed at the homeless people. If a Rs.50000 one time investment can give me a 323 sft home for 20 years, I would definitely take it than living roadside in temporary tents.

Update: 2 years, and we haven’t heard about Nano houses since then. With rupee going crazy, the prices would definitely go high if the parts are to be imported from overseas.

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  1. I want to get nano home in Mumbai and also in Hyderabad for my parents.

  2. I wish to get TATA Steel house in Chennai. How can i get? Where to contact? Pls reply or send your suggestions

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