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Tata Docomo 100Mbps Wired Broadband plans

I have a 3G plan for my mobile and a 2Mbps Home Broadband connection and it’s very ironic that my mobile data is faster than my Broadband. Sure, there are faster Broadband plans, but for my needs, I needed a cheap, yet, reliable service and it’s precisely for that reason I shifted from BSNL to Airtel a couple of years ago. I felt very happy today when I saw an Advertisement from Tata Docomo regarding its wired Broadband service that seemingly offered up to 100Mbps speed. That’s how Broadband should be; super fast.

 Tata Tele Wired Broadband Plans

Obviously I looked up to find the tariff plans and guess what, all my excitement was instantly gone. Its tariff plans were hopeless. Obviously Tata Tele (or Tata Docomo) isn’t bigger than Airtel when it comes to wired or wireless telecom services and hence I don’t see any reason why it should have plans costlier than Airtel for similar Broadband plans. I mean, that doesn’t make any sense at all.

Airtel charges me Rs.899 (plus taxes and stuff) per month for a 2Mbps 30GB plan. Look what I have comparable to it at Tata Tele; a Rs.949 (plus taxes, I’m sure) for 2Mbps 5GB.

Holy cow; Rs.949 for 5GB?

For a moment I even completely forgot the reason why visited Tata Tele’s site; to check 100Mbps plans. And I knew exactly what to expect after seeing the above mind blowing tariff plans.

I wasn’t surprised; Rs.3333 per month for 10Mbps 50GB plan

Rs.4444 per month for 20Mbps 50GB plan and

Rs.6666 per month for 100Mbps 50GB plan.

Really, whom are they targeting?

Home users? No. I don’t know why anyone would want to pay Rs.3333 a month for a Broadband connection

Corporate’s? No. The maximum I can see is a 50GB limited plan and no company subscribes to a limited plan.

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