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Sri Chaitanya and Narayana merging? Not quite

Well, this is surprising. Something which I thought could never happen. If you are from Andhra Pradesh, you obviously know why. If you are not from the state, for a start, I’ll introduce them (Sri Chaitanya and Narayana Junior Colleges) as two rival education giants. So both merging together is like Congress merging with BJP.

At first glance at this ad from a local news paper, I thought this was true. But going through the details, it’s clear that its just a joint venture to cater to the IIT coaching section of Plus 2.

They’ve joined hands to form Sri Chaitanya Narayana IIT Academy, a plus two (Intermediate, as it is called in AP) college which specializes in IIT training.Sri Chaitanya Narayana start IIT Academy

What does this mean?

For students and their parents who just want to see their ward in some IIT at any cost, this could mean better education. After all, AP is known for producing most IITians and its only fair to say that most of those students come from these two institutions. When they both combine, it only means better faculty, better training standards and overall better facilities.

For the rest of AP population, this is good news too. The amount of noise these institutions make on a results day (like JEE entrance) on TV and in Newspapers (the next day) is really unbearable. Now with this initiative, we atleast have some relief. Instead of two countering each other, we now only have one.

To be frank, I sort of like this move. Remember, JEE is a national entrance and with these two big forces joining together, they can easily make a national impact.

At present, Sri Chaitanya Narayana IIT Academy is a whole new campus situated in Saifabad, Hyderabad. In time, we may just see all existing IIT Academies of each of these Institutions turning into a single entity.

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  3. Just business as usual. No end to greed. Will do anything for more money.

  4. All it means is that they can fleece parents a bit more. The already exorbitant fees will be driven up by a couple of notches which isn’t good news for any parents. The best faculty will only be focusing on the top 200 students and not on every one.

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