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Snapdeal review (price, shipping, packaging, customer support)

From starting as a simple daily deals site in 2010 to becoming a major online Market place in just a couple of years, Snapdeal has really come a long way. Having said that, it never really did catch my attention all these days. In 2011, it was making rounds in social media after it adopted a village and named is Snapdeal.com nagar. After that, I haven’t really heard of the company much.

I just didn’t think there was an alternative to Flipkart. I guess I was wrong.

Snapdeal products pricing

My impression on Flipkart was slightly diminished after this Comments fiasco. Just to refresh myself, I thought I’d try a different site. For the product I wanted, Snapdeal was offering the lowest price on the web. I also checked many other products and it was there, neck and neck with Flipkart, sometimes besting its price (Flipkart works on a Inventory and marketplace model where as Snapdeal is exclusively a marketplace)

I wasn’t too elated though, as I wasn’t too impressed with its delivery estimate. It said 5-7 business days. I’d badly miss Flipkarts’ 2 day delivery. I gave it a go anyway.

Shipping and Packaging

What a BIG surprise.

The same day I got a message that my shipment was picked up by Bluedart. By noon the next day, I had the product with me. This was the fastest delivery that I experienced till date. Groupons’ “we would much rather under-promise and over-deliver!” comes to my mind after this experiencing.

This is not to say that everyone would get their products the next day. Me staying in a metro city definitely helped and there are others (and always are, with any company) who have waited for weeks (just see Snapdeals facebook page for complaints) to receive their products. A good, experienced and professional seller also helps your case. It’s CEO says 90% of their products are delivered in 3 days, which is not bad either.

My product was a small one, size wise and price wise (a sub Rs.1000 purchase), so there is not much to tell about packing. It wasn’t a brittle material either, so what ever cardboard and plaster they’ve put around was more than sufficient.

Overall, my first purchase with Snapdeal was a delightful one. One that will most likely make me check their offering as well the next time I’m making an online purchase.

Customer Support

Everything is looking great till now, isn’t it? Not quite. Not related to the product I purchased, I also wanted to buy a big home appliance, which was too, available at best price on the web at Snapdeal. I made an enquiry using their contact us form and promptly got an automated email mentioning the ticket number. On the form it was mentioned ‘we will get back to you within few hours’. 1 day went by and so did day 2. On day 3, I got a reply which says they’ve ‘forwarded my query to the concerned department’. I’m yet to hear from that concerned department.

I have called their CC number too, just to check if this route too was as bad as email system. Not. I was given good replies and was very satisfactory.

Reviewing or giving ratings based on just 1 purchase is not ideal but I’d give them any way (and will make corrections as and when I make further purchases).

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