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Too many SMS from IT Dept to pay Advance tax on Income

Would you believe, starting from 4 December, I received over 50 SMS’s from the Income Tax Department, asking me (and others) to pay the advance tax by 15 December 2011. ‘Help India Grow’, ‘Help build the nation’, ‘Help accelerate progress’ and ‘Don’t wait for 15 th Dec’: these were the themes of all the messages that I received from the tax department.

You know, I feel so compelled to pay the tax early seeing these SMS’s, but will still only pay on the 15 th, for some good reasons.

But first of all, can I ask the Government why am I receiving these messages time and again when I am registered for DND service? So, there is no respect for that.

Can I know from the Government if they can guarantee that all the money I pay will go towards development of the country and not into some greedy pockets? Obviously they cannot.

The underlying problem is, I have ‘NO’ confidence in the Government (and please, I’m not talking about any single political party here). Can I just withhold my tax and do something good to the needy myself with that money; I am so ready if I can, as at least that will give me some satisfaction. But unfortunately rules won’t allow me to do that as my money will have to reach middleman before reaching the needy people.

All said, I ‘will’ pay my tax on time and the only reason, ‘hope’.

Update: And then it follows again for March 15 deadline. But this time, I have already paid my complete tax in the first week of March but still the IT Dept keeps spamming me to pay the tax till 15 March 2013. So obviously this is not some intelligent system sending SMS’s to people they target but just mass distribution of messages to all the numbers they have on record.

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  1. I am also getting too many messages from IT dept. But the funny thing is that i am having no income. I am a student. Why are they sending me so many messages to pay income tax. LOL !!

    • Funny. Somehow your number entered their database. Either from third party or may be your parents made a big purchase (over Rs.50000) in your name (and number).

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