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ShopClues review (In short: not as good as Snapdeal)

Yet another online buy from yet another new store. It’s Shopclues turn this time.  This was offering the music player that I was looking for at a reasonable discount than Flipkart. There were others sites as well that were offering the product for a hundred or two less but those were not well recognized stores. I heard about ShopClues before and was excited about my first purchase. If you didn’t know, you should know about them; start from their history; it’s inspiring.

It works as a marketplace, which means it doesn’t stock any products itself but simple acts as a mediator between buyer and a seller; similar to how eBay or Snapdeal works.

Buying experience at ShopClues

I normally wouldn’t have written this but from their history, it’s clear that they focus a lot on their site rankings and traffic. It’s pretty unfortunate that their site is the slowest I have experienced, when compared to its peers. Ordering is easy enough and there are the same payment options that you find on almost all the sites these days. But it has to be noted that since its a 100% marketplace, not all sellers offer Cash On Delivery option. ShopClues brand stores

Products pricing

Actually nothing much can be said here. Since its not ShopClues but individual sellers who price their products as per their wish (and knowledge). If you happen to find a product for least price here, its credit to the seller, not ShopClues. The same seller may be using other Online marketplaces too, such as Snapdeal, so you are likely to see same price in these sites.

Shipping time

For 20 or so products that I have seen in different categories; 5-7 days was common shipping estimate time. Thanks for Snapdeal which had similar delivery estimates but have always delivered the products with in 2 days; I expected the same from ShopClues.

I was wrong. My product was delivered on the 6th day (Thursday – Tuesday). If you ask me, this is just not good enough. In fact, this is outright bad. I might probably be buying another product from ShopClues and if it again takes 5-7 days, it is not likely that I will buy from them again.

From contacting the seller who listed the product at ShopClues, I came to know that ShopClues picks the product from seller and ships themselves. This may be good when you consider packaging (and yes its really good, looking at the packaging quality) but from shipping time PoV, it is somehow not working. ShopClues surely has some work to do in this space.

Overall first impression

On a scale of 1 to 100, where 1 is dreadful and 100 is extremely delightful, I have to say it is somewhere between 40 and 50.

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