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SBI e-TDR Online

If you have an Account in SBI (or its Associate Bank) and have used Internet Banking in the recent past, you should have seen that opening a Term Deposit (update: you can now even open a SBI savings account online) is now possible online. Its’ called e-TDR or e-STDR, depending on how you’d like to open your term deposit as. The only difference between e-TDR and e-STDR is that e-TDR is Non-cumulative, which means you’ll get interest on your FD at regular intervals chosen by you. In case of e-STDR, your interest will only be paid at Maturity.

To open a Fixed Deposit (FD)/ Term deposit, just go to Requests sections in your Internet Banking account. Fill in the required details and select the period of your FD. You can check the current Interest rates using the link present on the same page. After completing all details, you can submit the request.

Note that FD can only be opened online if the mode of operation (of your Debit account) is Single. If you are trying to open a FD for a Joint account, then it should be of ‘E or S’ (either or survivor) type.

The deposits will be renewed automatically for the same period if you don’t give instructions to close the FD. You can use the ‘Close A/c option’ available in the Deposit section of Internet Banking to inform the branch to close your FD account. Your FD amount and interest earned will then be credited back to the account from which the initial debit was made.

Update: I myself tried opening a FD online using SBI Net Banking but can’t figure out why the process isn’t going forward. Although my account is Singly’ held (which is confirmed by the Branch), I get a weird error that reads ‘Unable to set the mode of operation for your term deposit account. Please contact your branch’.

I confirmed with the Branch but they were helpless as it was ‘Single’ only. Losing hope I finally opened a FD Offline.

Note: 1.) Your FD will have same mode of operation as your savings account.

2.) For online FD, at the end of the term period (or when you want to cancel it), the bank will not give you hard money in any case, but will re-fund the source account.

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  1. I create one e-stdr under online sbi, of 1year 11 months and 30 days, it done successfuly and amount is also debited from my main account as well I also took printout of it through deposit account details , but after 4-5 days I login and check details of deposit account, then this fd is not showing at there I also contact with customer care for the issue and follow their instructions If the same is hide but it’s details also not at there, currently the banks are on off for two days, so I would like to know have anybody faces this type of problem? If yes, then please share me your resolution!

  2. I am getting a comment “Term Deposit cannot be created online for this product combination. Kindly contact your branch”

    Can someone please help

  3. Dear sir,
    i am unable open an e rd in sbi .when i click the confirm button it shows unable to open please try again later
    i am trying since 2 days but getting the same error.

  4. venkata satyanarayana

    I am unable to open fd online. I tried several times but after completion details submisson, i pressed confirm option but it is your product combination not available in your account. What to do pl help me.

    • I am also getting the same message i.e Term Deposit cannot be created online for this product combination. Anybody who had the same problem and got it resolved, if he can guide how he got it resolved.

  5. I am unable to open an e-TDR for a period of 7 days. It shows an error that ‘for the specific account type and amount, the deposit can be opened for a minimum period of 181 days’.

    Please help !!

    • On the page where you open e-TDR there are clear instructions below, please read them. This is really self explanatory.

    • Actually you are trying to open a e-stdr by mistake. Its minimum period is 181 days, check the link properly that you are clicking while proceeding for e-tdr.

  6. Thanks guys this information was helpful for me.

  7. I have opened an e-RD, first installment it debited from my savings account and it is showing in account summary.
    but still I failed to set the standing instruction or fund transfer to that account.
    this month the next installment i have to credit to that account…
    when ever I tried to transfer, using fund transfer feature in internet banking, I could not see the new e-RD account in the list to select.
    any solution?

    • Did you first add the e-RD account the list of eligible accounts in the Payment/Transfers section? I guess only then you will be able to transfer or set standing instructions.

  8. I am not able to open FD online inspite of my account is either or survivor I am trying since last one week also i wrote to my SBI branch in bandra but still there is no response from them.

  9. Online e-TDR show error on opening fixed deposit in one account. Due to technical error we are unable to proceed.

  10. Can anybody tell me how to change the maturity date in SBI ERD

    • Is it eRD, the Recurring Deposit opened online? If it is, it cannot be changed online. You will have to visit the branch.

  11. I could open an e-TDR/e-STDR comfortably but the Close A/C feature does not work. When I contacted the branch they say that you cannot close it online. They expect us to either visit the branch or send a scanned copy of a letter via email to the branch and wait till they get time to close your account. (This just contradicts the whole purpose of having online banking) I found this really weird and extremely inconvenient as most private banks allow online closure.
    If SBI does not fix this bug soon, it is bound to loose customers.

    • You want to close it prematurely or is it like you want to change the maturity instruction?
      While I can do the later in both SBI and Axis bank (for example, as a pvt bank), I cannot close the deposit account prematurely in either of the banks’ online.

  12. Its very good feature provided by SBI in online banking…..and it is working fine from day one with my account.

  13. I am also facing the same problem and no one is replying from the branch.
    Anyone please how to complain online to solve this problem.

  14. I too getting the same error “Unable to set mode of operation”, Please help me to, how can i place request from online.

  15. It looks like the error “Unable to set mode of operation” is faced by many people. I also got the same error. I approached my branch and sat with the branch manager to resolve it. He just simply changed some flag from ‘0’ to ‘1’ in his system to enable online FD. Done in just 5 minutes. Hope this helps!!!

  16. I have been receiving the error ‘Unable to set mode of operation’ for my Singly held SBI account for a long time now. I approached my branch several times for this and they tried everything from making changes to my account (adding ‘Append A’ to CBS) to updating additional documents in my account. But the issue still persists. The INB team was also contacted by my branch but they have not been able to resolve the issue yet. Anyone has any suggestions here!

  17. I also faced the same problem. I contacted the branch. Branch staff was also not knowing the solution as mode of operation for my account was rightly set. so the manager sent this problem to higher authorities and then got the solution.. that the total points for the account are to be saved in the account details in CBS… these points are based on the documents given at the time of account opening… in the screen where these points are mentioned, they have to put ‘A’ (‘A’ for Append) against each row and then save…
    After this was done by the branch for my account, problem is rectified.

  18. i have faced the similar problem when opened e tdr the mode of operation is not set for your account .i complained online to the bank.they solved the problem thanks

  19. Same problem is coming with me. At the last time after verify page the message come.
    Unable to set the mode of operation for your term deposit account. Please contact your branch’ . Twice i went to branch but they people didn’t solve my problem . They told “We can’t help you”. I think SBI is not giving proper training to their officers about Internet banking or they may enjoy during training. They only know how to give hard reply or misbehaves with customer. If the system will be like this.. certainly it is going to become like Air india.


  20. Satish Kumar Nasina

    Hi Same Problem faced. Rectified my problem by “1. Submitting Nomination Name & 2. Submitting Address Proof” at branch office. Please verify ur nominee is set or not.

  21. I am planning to open a E-TDR account online for 45 days tenure. Can I open another E-TDR account for 45 days soon after the maturity of the previous deposit. If so how many times can i repeat the procedure like wise?

  22. Update:

    I reported my issue through online complaint form on SBI and now I am able to do FD fine.


  23. I am facing the same problem as you. I had opened two term deposits in the past online without any issue. Last week I cancelled one of them after maturity and thought about opening a long term FD. But today when I visited the site it is giving me this problem : Unable to set the mode of operation for your term deposit account. Please contact your branch’ :

    Do you know any solution to this problem, my account is still single.


    • In this case you have to submit your pan card detail at your branch and you should be change your ‘mode of operation’ from single to either or survivor.

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