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SBH Hyderabad 10K run on 27 November 2011 (online registration)

If you like participating in long runs and happen to be in Hyderabad, a 10K run is coming in this month. On 27 November, the annual SBH Hyderabad 10K run event commences starting from Necklace road.

Interested ones’ should pre-register, either online (at Bookmyshow) or Offline (at select SBH Branches and Talwalkars).

As usual, there will be four categories in the event:

Elite National and International (10 Km): Participation in this group is administered by a local federation and requires their approval. Timing will be there and there will be prize money for fastest runners

10K Run Amateur (10 Km): This is open to anyone aged 18 and above. Timing will be there and best runner will get benefits for next years’ event, including a chance to run in the Elite National group.

Corporate Run (9 Km): This is for Corporate employees who can participate in groups, for fun, without any monetary benefits.

Fun Run (9 Km): This is for all others aged 12 years and above. This is again just for fun and participants can come in any attire. This is the most popular category where you’ll see all your celebrities (who attend), sports stars etc.

Registration fee is Rs.500 for Elite National & International and Amateur, Rs.200 for Corporate and Fun run. If you have a savings’ bank account in SBH, it seems, you can get 50% discount in registration fee.

Update: The event is over and will again be conducted next year (and every following year too) around october – november period. Someone has asked me if this event is conducted by SBH every year. The answer is NO. SBH was the primary sponsor for the 2011 run and this may change every year. The name of primary sponsor will be used in the title of the run.

Dates for the annual runs will be announced approximately one month prior to the event via all possible mediums, print, radio, tv and social media.

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