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Railway reservation status RS (example RS8 71) meaning

Most of you might be aware that a Waitlist (WL) ticket will get to RAC (Reservation against cancellation) before getting Confirmed (CNF). If there aren’t enough cancellations by other confirmed passengers, your ticket might be finalized at RAC status, which makes you eligible to travel, but only with a seat, not a berth. On the other hand, if the chart is prepared with your ticket status still in WL, your name will not appear in the chart and you cannot board the train.

Now, let’s say you book two train tickets (you and your friend) and after moving from, say, a waitlist of WL12 and WL13, your tickets are finalized at RAC 71.

On the final chart, you might find this as some RS8 71 (and another ticket too with same RS8 71), where R represents RAC, S8 represents the coach (this can be anything, S1, S2 and so on) and 71 the seat. Please note that only a single berth (with number 71) has been allotted to you and your friend and hence you do not get a berth each to sleep. You can adjust on a single berth though, if you can.

This is not so comfortable for many people and hence you will find people deciding not to travel with a RAC ticket. When it comes to canceling a RAC ticket, it is treated just like a W/L ticket and you will almost get the same (full) refund as when you cancel a W/L ticket.

Note: There are almost always people who decide not to travel at the last moment so if you have an RAC ticket, you can always ask the TTE if there are any unattended berths. After he assesses the total number of available berths, he provides them for RAC holders (he might ask you for a small tip, please don’t ask me if it is legal; I do not know).

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    I have booked 2 tickets from KJM to MAS.
    Journey Date: 12/8/2016
    PNR: 4422721055
    When I booked its was 62 and 63 CKWL. As of now the status is CKWL 26 and 27.

    Will it confirmed? Need your suggestion. If not confirm need to plan for another option. Awaiting for your reply. Please reply!!!


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  21. Hey guys you told that is well and good but tell me what is the difference between rac and rs , you told that rs means one berth is alloted for 2 persons hence we also calls RAC as RS OK SO don’t tell false stories.

  22. I have waiting 20,21 and 22 in Amravati express, i am traveling on 20.05.14 what is the possibilities of getting confirmed.

  23. Today i book Garib rath and my status is ckwl 11 so how chance to conform this ticket.

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  30. Absolutely wrong, RS1 means extra coach. If you have RAC and in final chart it is shows RS1 63 means there is a additional sleeper class and its coach number is mentions like RS or RSL.
    It is the truth. Don’t go for wrong knowledge.

    • Okay, then how is an RAC indicated in the final chart? I’ll be happy to correct if I’m wrong.
      Also, when an additional sleeper coach is connected, by common sense, they add it either at the beginning or at the end of existing sleeper coaches right? Just a month back I had a RS5 31 ticket. It was a RAC, my coach number is S5 (there were S1 to S4 before and S6 to S8 after my coach) and seat number is 31. That train normally runs with 8 SL coaches. There wasn’t an additional coach that day and even if there was why would they want to put it bang in the middle disturbing the arrangement?

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