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Now, read archives of Old Telugu news papers online

I was born in 1984 and probably started reading newspapers since I was 15 yrs old or so (say from 1999). Since then, I became an avid reader, so keen that I almost cover 3-4 papers every day. And when ever I see a big breaking news or a landmark event appear in paper, I take effort to either save that day’s paper or at least make a digital copy of it. Not that it would be of any use in the future, but just out of pure interest.

Being from Andhra Pradesh and looking back in to history, I can only imagine how the newspapers reported big news such as Uniting two separate states into Andhra Pradesh in 1956, the eruption of Telangana movement few years later, and then the Jai Andhra movement, the single handed election sweep by NT Rama Rao’s 9 month old Telugu Desam Party in 1983 etc.

Today, for me and people like me, there’s some good news. The Press Academy of Andhra Pradesh, has made efforts to bring news papers and magazines right from before Independence as digital versions.

The Archives section of the site lists various News Papers and Magazines whose digital versions are available. You will see some papers there that you didn’t know ever existed. And sadly, not many current newspapers, such as Eenadu are available.

Apart from just reading old news, it is also exciting to see how the papers were all in black and white, priced at ‘5 Naya Paisa’ and below.

Update: Just when I thought this service was too awesome, they have completely removed all the archives. Now its just a collections of links of all the current newspapers (their websites). Forget newspapers, the Historical Photos too don’t work any more. Sad to see such lack of interest and investment from the Government or who ever is responsible.

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