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Download or print your aadhaar card online via e-aadhaar

In my last post about making corrections to aadhaar data online, I also mentioned at the end that UIDAI has developed a dedicated resident portal as a self service tool. Here’s briefly what you can do with the portal:

  • Check your Aadhaar status (using Enrollment number and data/time, printed clearly on your Enrollment Acknowledgment Slip/EAS)
  • Get your Aadhaar number (if you have enrolled and are yet to get your card at your home. If your aadhaar number has been allotted, it will be sent to your registered mobile number)
  • Check your mobile/email id associated with your aadhaar number (and if needed, you can make changes to these, as explained in the previous post)
  • And most importantly, download or print your Aadhaar card using the e-aadhaar link.

Normally, one should get their aadhaar delivered to their address with in 90 days of enrollment. But it has happenedDownload aadhaar card online, unfortunately too often, that people haven’t received their cards for as long as an year. If this is the case with you too, instead of waiting for something that you don’t know when it will arrive, you can download your aadhaar card (which includes all the information that will be printed on the aadhaar card).

Already in many states, subsidies (for gas cylinder or ration) are only being given to those who have their aadhaar number registered with them. So without it, it won’t be possible to get the subsidy that you deserve. But if you haven’t received your aadhaar card yet, downloading it is the only option.

The printout of the aadhaar card is as official as the aadhaar card itself; so you no longer have to worry about your physical aadhaar card arrival.

The download process is similar to doing any of the about mentioned things. You will need to have your EAS and your registered mobile ready. Head to this resident portal and go to the e-aadhaar link present on the left side menu. From then simply follow the on screen instructions. A one time password will be sent to your mobile for verification and after successful verification, your aadhaar card will be generated and will be available for you to either download or take a print right away.

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