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Prestige Induction cook top review

Bored of cooking on a flame stove? Here is something you could try for the first time.

Flame free cooking utensil called Induction Cook-top from Prestige, the most preferred kitchen brand.

The way it works is very simple, you simply place the cooker or the non-stick cookware on it as usual and it does the rest. The electricity turns into heat and induces it onto the cooking utensil.

The price of this model is roughly Rs.3600 and the amount of electricity consumed to very minimal. Say for a family of 4 people, the electricity cost from this appliance will not be more than Rs.150 per month. Isn’t it comparable to the Gas cylinder that you get every month?

Prestige-flame-free-cooker But a small caution here is that you cannot use any type of utensils on this Induction cooker. Only Stainless  steel, Chinaware, Cast iron utensils can be used. Read the user manual for the entire list of utensils that can be  used with this Induction cooker.

Prestige Induction cook-top has got nice looking buttons which gives complete control on how your food is  cooked. It also has a auto start option which means, you just place the bowl with raw food on it and it does the  rest.

It also has a display on it which indicates the amount of power it has consumed.

Other brands that you can consider in this category is Philips, TCL and Pigeon.

Review of Prestige Induction cooktop PIC 3.0 V2

The overall impression is very much positive. As I have observed, for cooking purposes, a cooktop is much more efficient than a electric cooker. This has mainly got to do with decreased loss of heat. The buttons are are very sensitive and you’ll easily get hold of the touch once you use it for 2 days or so.

Cooking time, too, is lesser than LPG or Electric cooker. This of course varies from dish to dish but on average, I’ve found cooktop faster. You can adjust the power it consumes, less power means slightly more time to cook.

As said before, just like microwave ovens, you cannot you any cookware for induction cooking. Most modern cookware will mention clearly whether its ready for induction cooking or not. Mostly, it is to do with the base. If the base is absolutely flat and not round, it can be used for induction cooking. Of course, the base material matters equally. Aluminum with induction base will be good inductors.

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  1. I have purchased the pigeon induction cooker in the month of December. With in one month it outer body started getting crack. I have purchased from Reliance mart jamnagar, so as it was having warranty i have replaced it. The second one after two month it started getting crack. So what to say it company manufacturing defect? Can I get the second one replace? Or company pay back my amount?

    • If the second one is with in the warranty period, yes get it replaced as well. I don’t think neither Prestige or Reliance will give your money back.

  2. I have a Prestige Induction Cook Top 3.0. I am getting an E3, E7 error after 2 min of use. How do i resolve this? Anyone Please help!!! These prestige guys don’t help you after you purchase their product.

    • E3 is regarding high voltage and E7 is a fault with internal temperature sensor. Do you get these errors every time you use it or just randomly sometime? And do you have a Home UPS?
      If you have the user manual, all error codes and their meanings are mentioned in it. Please go through it.


  4. I purchased an Prestige Induction cooker from your dealer at Palakkad, Kerala, and I am OK with it. The chapathis and Dosas don’t work, because it shows an E9 error after 5 minutes(overheating I was told). Anything else I am fine. My problem is, any questions to the dealer draws a blank look and after sales service is a JOKE, seriously, a JOKE. These blokes act as if anybody purchasing their products are idiots and can be treated as such. Just to state an example, when asked why I cant make more than 3 chapathis before the machine goes off, I was asked to eat 3!!. Of course I gave him an answer he wont forget for the rest of his life, but that doesn’t solve my problem. Anyway, I got a Bajaj…it gives me my 5 chapathis

  5. want a dealership for prestige product at berhampur orissa

  6. can u give me information abut the dealership in solapur, maharastra pl send u r feedback

  7. Hi, Myself Prithvi
    I want to by induction chulha set.
    Plz suggest me which company is best for that??


  8. i bought a prestige Induction Cook-top 3.0 in the mount of August 2010. it stop working in the mount of February 2011. i complain but there is no response then i complain again and again so many time but there is no response. then i decided to go big bazaar and complain there but the result is same. After seven month one person came to my home he check and told me your warranty is finished in the month of august 2011 I told him i am complaining since last February 2011 in the period of warranty then he told me talk with the higher authority. please solve my problem as early as possible.

  9. i need a guy who can demonstrate me about the bajaj icx7 induction cooker….plz..

  10. Shivendra Prakash Gupta

    I had purchased a Prestige Induction Cooker, Model PIC 1.0, for Rs. 4090.00. Since then I am not able to do anything except to boil milk on the “Hot Pot” mode. Not able to cook even rice or Kheer as the contents start overflowing the moment the temperature is increased.
    I am not able to get the Service Engineer who can demonstrate how to use it for cooking different items. My contact no. is 9899322794

    Can I have somebody to demonstrate how to use it.

  11. can u tell which induction cook-top is best? glen,prestige,ifb.
    is it save for health?
    what is minimum distance it should placed from cook-hob?

  12. I was planning to decide for one brand of Induction cooker, but after reading so many comments I am convinced that it is too early to buy Indian made Induction cookers, they are really shit, let it be any brand.

  13. I was so much interested in going ahead with a Prestige Induction Cooker but after going all those complaints, I have switched over to Bajaj, it appears to be reasonably good

  14. Can you do deep frying & roasting in an induction cooker ?

  15. i have prestige 2.0 induction system, it worked fine for 8 months but today has immediately started showing E7 error. Plz suggest what to do?

  16. I want to buy induction cook top does it works on Home lighting or AEH? pl clarify

  17. i buy prestige 3.0 model from big bazar faridabad NCR on 15th aug 2011. on the same day it shows error 3. now i searched on net about E3 and realize that i done big mistake that i buy prestige, internet review is full of bad review of prestige, still big bazar is selling prestige i think big bazar is also bad place for marketing because it is promoting a brand full of error.
    now anyone please help me what to do next?

  18. I purchased a prestige Induction Cook Top PIC 1.0 from online shop After just 15 days of use the cooktop developed problem and shows E3 error. I find most prestige users are finding similar problems. Will Prestige look into the matter and be more customer friendly?

  19. Hi,
    before buying an induction stove i carefully studied the specifications of select 4 different company stoves and their possible performances.
    -one –pigeon— gave 3 cookwares as freebies but it looked weak bodied also the maximum heat it can reach is low(compared to the one i bought in the end).
    -the second–crompton greaves- is heavily priced because it has a touch screen and not even any freebies given along and the heat output is slightly low….looked very sturdy of them all.
    -the third named hanbao looked weak bodied and the heat output is also low and the price is high–came with two freebies.
    – the last one is Bajaj Majesty…it didn’t come with any freebies….the price is lowest of them all…it’s body looking strong….the heat out put is high of all the other three….and that’s it .
    I bought Bajaj Majesty after nearly 4 months of surveying.and from the very first day the stove is working without a glitch.and we are living happily ever after completely free from the troubles of erratic supply of cooking gas cylinder.

  20. I would like to purchase a Presitge Induction stove at Malda(West Bengal) or Trivandrum(Kerala). Let me know the details/price & models.

  21. Nitesh Bhongade

    I was thinking to purchase Prestige Induction Coocker, by reading the review, i will not go for it


  22. I purchased a prestige cook top from big bazaar new delhi on 14 11 2010 . I was shocked it was gone faulty on same day. I went for exchange the same with new one. They suggest me to leave it for repair but no exchange is possible. But after harassing one and half month I got it back but the same problem occurred just after switch on the stove, it was gone faulty again. Now I have put it in my dump store. After this shocked experience I purchased one bajaj majesty induction stove which is working trouble free. After all my suggestion for induction cooker buyers for not go with prestige cook top, it is the worst product in my life I purchased. You may go with bajaj without any doubt.

  23. i want to buy TLC induction cooker, if there’s any retailer information available in chandigarh. then pls let me know. 9467466846.

  24. I want to buy induction cooker. But i can’t decided which brand is suitable at Sambalpore, orissa .please suggest me about this.

  25. Will it makes (Induction Cook-top) Health Problems?

  26. I have purchased an induction cooker from Pushpa Department Store Mavelikkara Kerala. Purchase date 28-07-2010Now I have entrusted the induction cooker with the seller for minor repair. On 24-05-2011 I entrusted the cooker with them But I came to know that
    The induction cooker is very much useful.Mohan Chacko.0479 2442908

  27. never never buy prestige induction stove bought it for 3900 along with freebies but dint work fine even for a single day, it s shit seriously waste of money, got repaired so many times but the problem has not got solved sometimes its pcb sometimes its glass plate sometimes e 6 error, its shit, prestige should stop making induction stoves

  28. I have purchased Prestige Induction Cooker (PIC 3.0). I want detailed user guide and demonstration by skilled technician, please help me in this regard.

    Manoj Mittal
    Bathinda (Punjab)

  29. hi my name is shamim i also want to purchase induction cooker of any company but good quality

  30. pls don’t go with prestige induction stove because i have been using the induction stove last 8 months and it would displays “E7” error which is unable to solve by the customer service centre also.
    Also my best suggestion , better you buy it in your nearest shop hence it helps for servicing and other services…..

  31. Unable to decide between Prestige and TCL….any advises.

  32. i vasugi want to buy a new induction stove in delhi … any one can help in that ….


    Dear Sir, My visit to india on 10th Feb. 2011 I bought Prestige Induction Cook-Top
    Model PIC 3.0, Specification 230 V AC 50 HZ 2000w power .
    But inside the box I cannot found the book of instruction how to use.
    so kindly send me the above book soon as possible. to house add.

    68100 BATU CAVES

  34. please let me the performance and what about sale service availability of Crompton Grives and TCL in Kolkata region.

  35. prabhat srivastava

    after thorough research think TCL is best .

  36. Tripurari Mohapatra

    Hi, I want to buy a Clix (PKL) or Bajaj induction cooktop. After going through all the user opinions I could not find a single review/user opinion on Clix or Bajaj induction cooktop. Please advise.

  37. I purchased an induction Plate (Cooker) from Siligu from your authorised dealer in the month of May 2010 an used the same from the month of December 2011 to January 2011 hardly for 20 days and I have find one day that it is not wrking.

    As I am now residing at Guwahati ( Du My official posting from Siliguri) and being the same is under waranty period I compelled to to rush to you authoruised servicing Centre Rukmini Gaon, Guwahati. As per the service Engineer the PCB is to be changed an as the same is not available since 05/02/2011 to till date it assumed that your servicing is very poor.

    So it will discourage customers/users like me.
    Therefore take the matter seriously.

  38. Hi, i m Sushant i want to buy prestige induction chulha in Nashik.

  39. i want to buy this induction cooker, but let me know about its latest model and price with latest features of a best company alongwith its dealer/availability and its after sales service in delhi/new delhi.

  40. i m interested to buy an induction cooker but confused in choosing the best brand. pl suggest me, i m in new delhi

  41. yes it seems good, but, let me more about this induction cooker and i want to buy an induction cooker, which brand would be the better one by quality wise..

  42. Plz. sent all models of induction cooker with Rs. list and performance….

  43. Biplab Kumar Bakshi

    Few days I buy Induction Cooker. But I have some problem about electric Bill. Please solve my problems.

  44. hai this induction stove is very easy to handle, and fast cooking. This is very useful. I had one doubt please tell me the details . we are placed the induction stove near the gas stove, some are says it is harmful, u just keep it 10 ft distance. tell me about that please.

  45. Dear sir,yestarday (16.01.2011) I buy Prestige Induction cook-top 0n Rs3600.00.But this induction cook top(pic 3.0) is not function well…. if I want to make tea it off before making tea.I adjusted preset,timer .it did not proper function.From last three years I am using Versitile company induction.So sir what I do. pl. help me. (I buy this induction from Assam Electronic, Dhekiajuli. Sonitpur,assam,pin 784110)



  47. Hi.
    I Arif Shaikh i purchase a Presige induction cooker from R City Big Bazar on 07/08/2010 but now its not working i want to service centre address kindly help me asap…….

  48. I have been doing research on Induction Cooktops in India, shortlisted three brands:

    1. Prestige
    2. Pigeon
    3. TCL

    Looks like rate of complaints on Prestige is going up and people are not satisfied with the after sales support. Same with Pigeon. Now searching for a dealer in Bangalore for TCL. Only worry is about the after sales support of TCL, no much details available on internet. I have decided to buy one within a week, I will review it and will post my feedback here.


    • We are using TCL induction stove model; mychef since 2007, almost four years there is no issues and still it is working fine.

      Recently we bought one more induction stove which is from pigeon, it just worked for two months and now it is not working. i don’t wish to repair and get this pigeon induction stove. it is useless. If TCL is providing an exchange offer i would like to exchange it with any model of the TCL induction stove.

      Please let me know if any TCL dealer in Bangalore is giving an exchange offer. I don’t mind what ever the price they will reduce for this non working pigeon stove for an exchange offer.

      • hi i m sushant patil i want to buy induction cooktop in nashik or jalgaon(maharashtra) i want to know the dealer of prestige or tcl please inform me on my email ( sushantpatil12 at ) or contact me on 08007704617 / 09405368252 thankyou.

  49. i want to purchase this kind of cookware. philips, tcl or prestige which one is best.some body told prestige is too bad is it true..? and i want to purchase water purification system which one is best?

  50. thank you very much guys.i was planning to buy induction stoves.but on seeing the reviews.gas stove and microwave oven are far best…

  51. I also ought one Preeti Induction stove and have worked fine only for a month. Then i developed a crack at the base cover, given o service station at hosur. Serviced with the additional charges of Rs. 240/= for the New set of Cover & top plate. But now the Heating time is very much more than earlier.
    I wonder whether they have replaced the less capacity coil, I do not know. I am not happy about this whole affair.

  52. I had purchased touch screen one from Prestige 2 months back and since yesterday it’s not working fine. I need to take it to service station yet as it’s still in warranty. I really wonder about this product’s reliability now. It was working superb when we baught and now I dont really understand what the hell happened to it. There is not even a scratch on it and we maintained very carefully too. So we are wondering how it’s not heating up the vessels which are having flat base and made of stainless steel.

  53. Good Afternoon,
    I am (Thiru) a Dealer of Reverse Osmosis + UV systems under the name of Water life RO systems in Hosur Branch.I want to take dealership of your product (Induction Stove).so, kindly give the name of your contact person and further details of Dealership in HOSUR. Reply me soon.
    Thank u.

  54. Let me know service center in pondicherry, where is the PCB available

  55. Recently we purchased a prestige induction cook top PIC 1.O.from meparambathu traders ponnani,malappuram,kerala BUT THAT CAN not use with freequent complaint.please save us.

  56. i want to purchase this kind of cookware. philips, tcl or prestige which one is best.some body told prestige is too bad is it true..?

  57. Plz. sent all models of induscion cooker with Rs. list

  58. i want to buy in jammu

  59. SIR


  60. I purchased Prestige Cook Top. I thought that it would be a worthy item. But now i am fully disappointed because of it’s bad performance. From my experience i can say i really waste my money.

  61. I bought Prestige Induction cooker with other utensils, as an offer price of 5000/-. After one months use, one fine morning while boiling water, glass top broken into pieces. I took it to the dealer since it is under warrenty. But they are charging Rs. 800/- for replacing the glass top, which is not of our mistake. If if glass top borke while boliling water, what is the point in having this at kichen ? you will end up in paying Rs.800/- every months instead of saving electricity and time…

  62. I wanting to take sales & service franchaices of induction cooker.I am alredy dealing with,if you are kindly given your contact person name& number for KOLKATA, thankful to you. EXCEL INTERNATIONAL ,MR.SANJOY

    • we are manufacturers of induction cooker from jaipur,rajasthan,now we are planning to distributership all over india with service centers.and promotions,if u are intrested then contact me,

      joy appliances india(jai)

  63. Two weeks back purchased Prestige Cook Top 2.0 for 3.5K , overlooked the bad reviews thinking it is a good brand. now the temperature setting has stopped working inspite of using it occasionally just for boiling water. The touch screen buttons are not sensitive enough, one needs to touch many times for it to acknowledge, no on site support, so now I will have to run around to their service station which I can’t afford, so it was a waste of money. Also it doesn’t have fine power control (for that matter all the brands available currently in India are same) like how one can adjust in a gas burner.

  64. Although Prestige is a popular brand when it comes to kitchen utensils, TCL induction cooker is better than Prestige’s.
    We bought a TCL fire free cooker a year back and as you said, it never consumes more than Rs.150 each month in our family of 3 members.

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