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Plastic Gas Cylinder Trolley Review (Rs.99)

We all know the kind of stains (made of rust) gas cylinders make on our flooring. I wanted to get rid of that. Also, our cylinder delivery boy is a generous guy who would bring the new refill into the kitchen and take the old one himself. But, sometimes a crack head turns up and simply refuses to bring the cylinder in. 14-15 kgs is not a big weight for guys but for mom’s or wives’, it is a lot of weight to carry. I’ve seen once; they would simply place it on a carpet or something and drag it all the way.

There’s an alternative or so I thought when I saw one product on a website. It’s a plastic cylinder trolley which has wheels underneath, as shown in the picture. Looks nice; we can place the cylinder over it and move it easily without much effort. It would also prevent¬† the rusty stains. Two problems solved. Cylinder Trolley

Well, not quite.

I ordered it and it came on the third day very promptly. There was one plastic tray,¬† 4 wheels, nuts and a wrench. We had to fix it up properly. Alright; that’s not a problem.

I was almost done fixing but for the last wheel, I’ve found that the groove wasn’t properly drilled so the wheel wouldn’t completely go inside. The tray is completely plastic and the grooves are plastic too. So improper drilling will result in imbalance. I couldn’t make the last wheel go inside the groove completely so it was slightly wobbling (just slightly). Again, not a big problem.

I placed a full cylinder over it. It stood firm. It tried to move holding the top of the cylinder. It didn’t move. A little more force; doesn’t work. What was happening is that the down force due to the weight of the full cylinder was too much for the trolley that its wheels were not able to move freely at all. One has to use his leg and push it from the bottom as well. Even then, one or the other wheel just drags itself instead of rotating.

So what did I get for Rs.99?

A platform to place a cylinder. Completely unhelpful in moving a full cylinder. But an empty cylinder is comparatively easier to move.

Thinking of buying this?

Definitely not advisable. In fact, I have lodged a complaint against the seller for selling something without any quality checks. Now don’t laugh at me asking for quality at Rs.99. It should atleast do what it says.

I would instead suggest you to spend a little more and buy a steel trolley that can stand the weight more comfortably than this.

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  1. I have bought this from snapdeal. As useless as any scrap this.

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