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Pepperfry.com review; One you could probably avoid dealing with

Here’s my try at a new online store, Pepperfry; This time for my wife, who wanted to buy a saree from the site. It’s not often that I get a feel of dislike before even placing the first order. But in case of Pepperfry, I really got that feel. And there are reasons for it, which I’ll explain later. But since my wife wouldn’t listen to me, I had to go and place this order from Pepperfry.

The order was placed on 14 December. There was a ‘will be shipped with in 7 days (excluding Sundays and holidays)’ statement written beside the saree. There started the long wait. I was so used to Flipkart, which even though has a 4-5 day shipment time for most of the products, the delivery happens in 2 or 3rd day. So I was in the view that those 7 days wait will be the worst case scenario.

How wrong I was.

16 December was a Sunday, so assuming Pepperfry completely lives under a rock that day, according to its 7 day shReview of Pepperfry.comipping promise, I should have got the saree by 22nd December. You know what the order status was on 22nd? It’s ‘Not Shipped’.

I then had a chat with them on 22nd and I came to know the reason why it wasn’t shipped as it was supposed to be. Unlike those sites that I have dealt with till date which stock items listed on their site, Pepperfry will instead order the item from a dealer once an order is placed. Atleast, that’s what has happened in my case as said by the chat support guy.

The saree finally arrived on 28th, when my wife almost forgot that she had placed an order. And the packing, ugly fugly, just stuffed the raw saree in a plastic cover, without any box. Read the shipping and packing section in my earlier Zovi.com review; Pepperfry is exactly opposite to that.

Now coming to the reasons why I developed a dislike feeling for this site from the beginning:

1.)    Sign up and get Rs.1000 (or any other number) instantly. Where ever you see this, just understand that the prices on that site are too high and their margins are too high.

2.)    Not much fan following on social network sites. To be fair, Pepperfry was only established in 2012 (that’s what I got from their about us section) but there are other sites that are just 1 year old too and are doing much better than this. I also don’t see engagement with fans; for example on their facebook page, they just go on posting new posts without interacting with their fans in the comments, which I don’t find respectable.

3.)    Pepperfry provides free shipping only for orders above Rs.1500, which is way too high for an average order.

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  1. My experience with Pepperfry is not so good. I ordered a chest of drawer from them and it got delivered to me in 4 weeks (which was committed). But within one week I noticed termite problem with that and I was afraid that it might spread to my other furniture as well. I contacted them promptly and sent them pics, but it took them 15 days to get that product picked from my place. Not a good experience.

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