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What do People think about Different States of India? (Acc to Google)

Courtesy of this tweet, I thought I should do the same with different Indian states. And results are certainly interesting. If you didn’t go through that link, this post basically is what different people (via Google) think about different states of India. It makes use of the search suggestions that Google throws up as more people search for similar things over time.

The format is ‘Why is [state] ….’. For example, Why is Delhi…..

So alphabetic wise, here is what Google says different states are:

Andhra Pradesh: Being Divided

Arunachal Pradesh: Named so

Assam: Violence

Bihar: So poor

Chhattisgarh: Called so

Goa: Humid

Gujarat: A Dry state

Haryana: No results (I guess not many care about Haryana)

Himachal Pradesh: A State

Jammu and Kashmir: Special

Jharkhand: Under Presidents Rule

Karnataka: Famous (for silk industry)

Kerala: So literate

Madhya Pradesh: Famous (again, not many people care about MP)

Maharashtra: The Richest State in India

Manipur: Called the land of Jewels

Meghalaya: Called so (or called as Scotland of the East)

Mizoram: Called molasses basin

Nagaland: A Dry State

Odisha (Orissa): Poor

Punjab: Day Celebrated (also, the richest state in India)

Rajasthan: A Desert

Sikkim: Least Populated

Tamilnadu: Against Mullaperiyar

Tripura: Sorry Tripura, not many are searching about you

Uttar Pradesh: So Densely Populated

Uttarakhand: The land of Gods

West Bengal: In the East

Few UT’s as Bonus

Delhi: Called Mini India

Chandigarh: A UT (also, a Tricity)

Andaman and Nicobar Islands: In India (also, a restricted area)


Note: As you perform the same searches, you’ll notice that for quite a few number of states the word ‘famous’ appears as a suggestion. I’ve skipped that result where ever it appeared. That result is obviously a result of those who are generally searching what so and so state is famous for.

As you can see, some are true, some not, some are expected while some are funny. You have to understand that some of these results change over time. For example, taking Andhra’s case, currently the division of the state is the hot topic so it’s obvious that most people are searching for more info on that issue.

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