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Paytm mobile app recharge failed? Check your paytm cash

As the title says, do not worry if your recharge isn’t successfully processed when you used paytm mobile app (or even the mobile/desktop site). I regularly recharge my mobile via the app and after tens of successful recharges, I experienced a failed recharge today. I was to recharge my airtel digital tv and somehow the app didn’t process it properly.

As usual, I entered all the details, I proceeded to select Net banking as my payment option, went to my bank, logged in, accepted the debit and the payment was successful at the bank but it just ended there. It wouldn’t redirect back to ‘Order success’ page with in the app even after few minutes. I had to close the app and re-open it only to find the transaction was unsuccessful.

But, my money was there, with in the app, as paytm cash. Obviously I used it immediately to recharge my dth again. There wouldn’t be any trouble this time since there is no external payment gateway as the money was simply there with paytm (or virtually) itself, similar to IRCTC’s e-wallet service.

Failed mobile recharges

In case you are trying for recharge your mobile and encounter a similar failed transaction, you will have to wait for 2 hours since paytm would automatically and relentlessly try for 2 hours until your recharge is successful. If it still fails, then your money would show up as paytm cash as described above. You can then try to recharge again (which will now be successful for reasons mentioned above) or ask paytm to transfer your money back to your bank. This is is not suggested since they say it takes up to 21 days for it to happen. I’m not really sure why it takes so long but it’s just not worth the wait; just a give a try once again.

Transactions can fail if you’re using your mobile network since its not that reliable as compared to a broadband connection.

As a small heads up to the app, I love it because you can recharge your prepaid or postpaid mobile of virtually all networks, your DTH, your data card, your toll card (haven’t experienced this yet) and now you can even book your bus ticket.

What I like even more is while recharging prepaid mobile, it shows up indicative plans, such as talktime plans, special recharges, data plans etc. Of course these are not exhaustive (and you should probably check if these plans exist for your circle as plans may change any time) but if you are in a hurry you can simply chose any one of these quickly.

If you don’t use the mobile app, you definitely should (also available for iphone, Blackberry and Nokia in their respective stores).

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