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Now you can open SBI savings bank account online

Just days back we’ve seen SBI bring its Internet Banking site, Onlinesbi for mobile users. This is apart from the dedicated mobile app that existed since a year. So we are definitely seeing some serious technological advancements in the largest Public Sector Bank. Now, the bank is allowing you to open a Savings bank account online. Having said that, you will still need to visit the branch, just once, to submit the application form printout and supporting documents.

Filling the online form

The application is divided into two parts (A and B). First part is providing your details, that is the Customer Information and the second part is the Account Information section where you will chose what features you need for your account to have. You can chose to partially fill any part and then complete the remaining part later at your convenience. For this, you will be provided with a Temporary Customer Reference Number (TCRN) and a Temporary Account Reference Number (TARN). You can use these numbers to complete any part of the application before taking a print out.

SBI Online savings account opening facility

Just like with Physical application form, you will have option to choose various features such as Cheque book, ATM cum Debit card, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, SMS alerts, regular e-statements to your email etc. You can also open joint account (up to 3 members)  with various operating rights.

Submitting the application form

Once everything is completed, you will have to submit the online application (which goes into banks’ database) and also take a print out in A4 paper. Along with this print out, 2 colour passport photographs and the required documents, you can visit any SBI branch near you (which then becomes your home branch) with in 30 days of submitting the online application.

My Experience

This facility couldn’t have come at a better time for me since I needed to open an account in SBI for my work. When I went to the branch, it wasn’t such a seamless experience as SBI has said it would be. At first, the bank officials weren’t aware of this new facility and were insisting for a original SBI account opening form to be filled. I told the officer that this is a new feature and asked him to contact any senior official in the bank and then he was able to track my application online. He verified the documents, gave me a welcome kit and an Internet Banking kit (password will be mailed later to my address).

What is the advantage?

I possibly saved an extra visit to the bank and definitely saved some time. The real advantage arrives when SBI follows some of the private banks, where we can fill the form online and then the bank sends their executives to our address to verify and collect the documents.

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  1. Narsaipally

  2. how many days to get atm pin after getting atm?

  3. what is tarn for opening new account

  4. how i change the TCRN no for opening a new SBI account?

  5. How much time is taken by them to open account.

    • It depends on the branch. If it’s not a busy branch, it will be done on the same day. If other wise, it will take some time. In which case you will receive a message once your account is opened.

  6. How to print that file, single side print or double sided print.

  7. sir what is the minimum balance req to open a sb account in sbi?

  8. I don’t have the pan card how to continue to form without pan card.

  9. My name is abdul ghani and i want to open an account in sbi bank but now at present i don’t have pan card so please tell me what should i have to do?

  10. Sir my account 611***31 is sms alert’s my mobile number 99**07 ko active karna h.

  11. I have faced a problem. I unable to download form with tarn no. the the pdf file. Please anybody help me.

  12. How do I get the pages Account information section and customer information section? I don’t think there are such pages online. The link you have provided on top redirects to “Visit Branch with Docs” and not submit info online. Don’t think SBI has made it available to start a savings account online.

    • There’s a ‘START NOW’ link in RED on that page which takes you to fill the form online.
      Although you do need to take some docs with the printout of online application to complete the process.

  13. I am trying to take print out of my application form using my TARN number but its not happening? Please somebody tell me how to generate a pdf file with this TARN number? I keep getting an error saying file not found.

    • For the two times I tried using this online app, I faced no problems. Since you have received the TARN number, may be you should try again on a working day, like a monday? Just in case.

  14. I submitted customer information section form I want to take print out
    where is the Temporary Customer Reference Number and where I get it.

    • Did you not get it after your submitted the final part of the form? If not, then your form is not submitted properly or there could be problem with their online application.

  15. Do we have to take the print out in colour or black and white is sufficient?

  16. How can I download online SBI application.

    • You mean after completing the online form? There’s a print option which you can use to either print right away or save as PDF and print later.

      • where is print option.. i still face same error msg..”Your PDF is in the process of being generated. This may take some time. Please wait or visit this page again after some time.”

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