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Obili Smart Homes – Get your own flat for 4 lacs

The Advertisement on TV that is tempting many a home buyers is finally here. For some of you who can recognize the Symbol of the company, you may have guessed that it could be an Obili project. Yes, it is an Obili Project, called ‘Obili Smart Homes‘. Now there is something to tell about the new trend in the Housing Industry concentrating on ‘economical or affordable housing solutions‘. We Saw Unitech come up with its smart homes plans called ‘Uni homes‘ which is an affordable housing solution whose price starts from Rs.10 lakhs to 30 lakhs. The houses would start from 660 sft and will shortly begin their construction in Chennai.

obili-smart-homes Coming back to Obili Smart Homes, the project is situated at Kandawada village near Kokapet  and Hyderabad-Bangalore Highway. It is also near the on-going Outer Ring road and the  proposed IT Park.

The eye catching Offer of Obili Smart homes is well known, you get a 400sft (410sft) flat for 4  lakhs, 600sft (636sft) flat for 6 lakhs and 900sft for 9 lakhs. There are also 1500sft flats which are the largest spaced homes in Obili Smart Homes.

However, this offer price is at Out rate price of Rs.950/sft, i.e is when you pay the amount as a Down Payment. The first 15% for a 900sft flat has to be paid as a down payment which comes out as Rs.1,28,250 and the remaining 85% has to be paid with in 15 days and that will be Rs.7,26,750. In total, this will be adding up to 8 lac 55 thousand Rupees and with some taxes and registration, you’ll have your 900sft flat for around 9 lacs.

If you want to rather opt for EMI option, the price will be Rs.1150/sft.

For a 900 sft flat the pricing will be as follows,

15% Advance as booking is Rs.1,55,250.

36 monthly Installments at 1% per month will be 36*10,350 = 3,72,600. (36%)

Special Installments on every 6th, 12th, 18th, 24th, 30th and 35th month at 6% will be 6*67,275 = 4,03,650. (39%)

During possession, you pay the remaining 10% amount of Rs.1,03,500.

Hence the total price of a 900sft flat come out as Rs.10,35,000.(Plus other applicable charges).

Obili Infrastructure is a reputed Housing company in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh having done projects like Obili Elite and Obili My Green City, two of the projects that are comparable with the best in the country.

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  1. m surya prakash

    give the details of smart house for 4 lacs

  2. I would like to invest in Villas, can you email me the price and completion dates.

  3. Kindly provide me with the following details
    1.Where is it exactly located how far from the city 2. When it will be completed and handed over/details regarding availability and payment terms for 900sft and independent villas

  4. Please provide me details about the project/venture Proposed.
    1. Area (how far is it from Hyderabad city, other proposed projects).
    2. completion of the project (by when it is completed and handed it the property owner)
    3. Any availability of loans (tie-up with nationalized banks).
    4. How many flats can an owner can buy?

    Thanks in Advance…

  5. I want to know the details of Obili appartments, please let me

  6. Hai, I want to known the detials of Obili appartments. I want now where it is located and it constructed or to get to construct. I am interested in apartments, so in the news paper it was given 4 lks apartments. Please give me a full details for 4 lks apartments, thank.

  7. A. Govardhana Reddy

    Please clarify the following doubts about the obili aparments 1.where is the exact location of apartment. 2.when the Flat will be handed over to the coustmer. 3.Payment terms 4.

  8. srinivasa rao chavali

    Please clarify the following doubts about the obili aparments 1.where is the exact location of apartment. 2.when the Flat will be handed over to the coustmer. 3.Payment terms 4.

  9. Project when will be completed and can be occupied. what are the applicable charges for 900 sft. and send the details of independant villas etc.,

    • The price for a 900sft flat is coming out as Rs.8 lac 55 thousand and since they said 9lac for a 900sft flat, the misc charges may be around 50 thousand rupees.
      And Independent Villas is an entirely different project called ‘My green city’ which isn’t related to SmartHomes project.

  10. First question, why such low prices?
    I’m assuming it because of its location. Even though it is said that is near many up coming projects, the Place Kandawada is completely unknown, atleast to me. Kokapet is it self very far from the city and So Kandawada must be even far than that.
    Second question. when will the project be completed? When can someone expect the possession to happen?

  11. Hello,
    we stay in kukatpally, hyderabad. Today in Eenadu newspaper it is given as this offer is only available to first 100 bookings. Is it really so?

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