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Why no Bollywood celebs in Anna Hazare lokpal movement?

You might have seen yesterday, people from across the society, regardless of their age group, came on to the streets to support the cause of introducing a strong (Jan) Lokpal bill. But there were some people absent, yep, our reel stars, a k a celebs.

Sure, they might be tweeting and updating their facebook statuses to ‘I support Anna Hazare’ blah blah but where are they when the whole nation has joined hands?

And of course, there are other groups of people that didn’t make their presence, the sports stars, the business men etc etc. But why only bash celebs now? There’s a reason:

Imagine this being General election time. Most of those reel stars would come out to support their choice of political parties, take on rallies, scream on loud speakers, dance in the public and do all the things that you didn’t know they could do in public. Why?

Simple, they are getting paid for it (endorsements), either direct monetary benefits or lands (for cheap rates or even for free) for constructing their behemoth studios/houses or some other thing that we don’t know.

But now, they have to invest their own time and get nothing in return. Or, it could also mean that they just don’t care if its a strong lokpal or weak lokpal. Their lives wouldn’t change in any way.

Just another example to prove that reel stars are not real stars and there’s no point worshipping them. People can certainly do much better things in life.

Note: This doesn’t apply to those who took effort (few notable stars already did) to voice their opinion in public. Kudos to them.

A bigger kudos to general public who are leaving behind their daily income source and coming out to support the cause.

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