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Soon, Nano houses for Rs.15000?

Talk about cheap housing and then talk about these Nano Houses that are under design by Mahindra with the help of Harvard designers. It’s a 275 sft house, comfortable for a family of four to live, they say, built using recycled steel, cane and cement fibre boards. Don’t worry about the building standards as these little things are built to survive Earthquakes and Heavy rains. What’s more, special arrangements will be made to use such heavy rains and store the water for the future good.

As far as the rooms are concerned, the 275 sft space packs a Living room, a Kitchen, a Bathroom and a Bedroom. If you wonder how 4 people can sleep in one bedroom, don’t worry, since the Living room is shaped in such a way that it can easily be turned in to another Bedroom at nights.

Solar panels are arranged atop of these individual houses so that you don’t have to use a unit of electricity.

Coming to the all important cost; by primary estimates, it looks like it would take nearly $300 to build one of these houses. In Indian currency, that’s not even Rs.15000 much more than Rs.15000 now that rupee crossed Rs.50 per dollar.

Looks like a decent deal for politicians to offer during elections, ‘free Nano house’.

PS. For people commenting below who want to contribute to this project by allocating their plots. It’s nice to see you take the effort but this project will take time. July 2011 was when it was in design phase and will need much more deeper research regarding structure, parts and area before being bought to mass market; and that is only if it will ever make it this far. But when it does, you will hear more news about it and then you can know how you can take part in this project.

If you are interested, Mahindra currently has a cheap rural housing project on hand and is working for its betterment.

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  1. D.hemanth kumar

    I want to book mahendra nano house please send me a message how to book this house.

  2. I am appreciate Nano Houses Is Wonderful For Middle Class People Please Provide The Intimation. I have plot Hyderabad near Uppal

  3. contact me. I am happy to know this project. I also want to put this house in my plot which is located in danapur patna bihar

  4. this project is very useful .. good job by mahindra .. own house dream will come true for everyone ..

  5. Hi sir,
    nice to hear the nano projects.
    Give the details about it.

  6. modukuru srinivasa rao

    hai sir my name is srinu your adv. is very very easy and very simple purpose i agree that your opinion please contact with me 9000649908

  7. Hi
    I am appreciate nano house is wonderful . If any one know the total details plz inform me.

  8. I am appreciate Nano Houses for Rs15000. Wonderful For Middle Class People Please Provide The Intimation

  9. hai,
    i’m in vijayawada, i need the particulars of NANO HOUSE plz send to this mail ID

  10. hello sir reply with u r address

  11. hello sir plz send the details about nano house

  12. ramesh babu Donepudi

    I am very poor so I want to book mahendra nano house please send me a message who book this house.

  13. Sir
    My self Hari Sharma working as a pharma marketing executive in Tirupathi (A.P).I really appreciate the research in housing by MAHINDRA team for the product of NANO house.I am having 1000 sq.ft. plot and I want to build one Nano house.Please let me know where and to whom I have to approach.

  14. nrendra sunkara

    this project is so exciting,this project will be a huge success when it comes to reality.hope this comes asap.

  15. I am appreciate Nano Houses Is Wonderful For Middle Class People Please Provide The Intimation My Contact Number Is 9390863450, 08672225998

  16. I wish to get a house of this kind in Chennai. Can any one suggest me where to contact for these kind of houses.
    Thank you.

  17. its an awesome project if you can succeed in it its very encouraging n supporting not only poor people but also independent people i really appreciate you guys of mahindra

  18. send your address or mobile number to my email
    plz send the details about this

  19. I had a nano model plan how can i approach pls cont-9966445852

  20. Bharat mataki jai.

    Thank u Mahindra if u make successful implementation of this project, really it becomes great service for mother country, this is the evidence for Indian great adventures for people and earth, environment friendly concepts. already our saints and maharshis given us yoga, veda knowledge to world. come on young Indians achieve, innovate and prove the indian strength.


  21. ayesha siddiqua

    i want construct nano houses in warangal district . we had an area of 1000 sq yards . and we willing to construct as many as houses in the surrounding so please can you contact me

  22. B Srinivasa rao

    when mahendra house coming in krishna district in Machilipatnam

  23. when we get mahendra house in guntur district please provide the intimation.

  24. Hi i am real appreciate nano house But don’t do like car telling one price and selling one price

  25. can u provide the contact information of nano houses.
    my number 9291650014

  26. superb.To bring much awareness about this session prepare some ppt in order to imagine the view of the house fast.What an idea sirji

  27. this nano house is super for Agricultural people, poor people.

  28. This is great initiation. this is worth appreciating.
    but Sir i don’t believe this as a practical project, i feel that this is just to make a land repository on the name of poor. Plz think 1) what would be the cost of solar power. 2) what would be the cost of hardware used to make multi utility furniture? 3) what would be the cost of Glass used for windows and doors without the frames itself.
    Overall i would like to say is just counting fools.


    finally my dream comes true.thanks to mahindra .I hope within few days our poor people who were facing with rental problems they could fulfill their dreams just like me.

  30. This project is amazing. poor families real home dreams will reach with nano house.
    Thank you,

  31. Ashok. Rachakonda

    This project is very useful us. i have one doubt how protect from thief’s. when will launching in India. I hope You will do successful project. this project help to the poor families.
    Thank you.


    I am appreciate nano house is wonderful for poor people

  33. wonderful it really good for poor people who cannot afford to afford house.

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