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My Yebhi.com shopping experience

It’s not very often that I budge away from Flipkart for my online shopping needs. But when I had to buy a product in a category that still didn’t exist at Flipkart, I had to look else where. The product I wanted to buy is a Sport sandal. Myntra was my choice when it comes to clothing and footwear but this time, the product I was looking was (available but) not available in my size. After googling a while, I found the sandal of my size at Yebhi.com. I was happy, not just because I found the exact product that I was looking for, but also the price was the least at Yebhi. The same Google has also helped me get a Rs.100 voucher and I got the product for atleast Rs.300 less than any where on the web.

The Shipping

Was fast. I got an SMS on the same day that I bought that the product was shipped.

Delivery time (Aramex) Yebhi online shopping

Was slow. Inspite of shipping the product on the same day, I only received it on the ‘4th day’. I’m not quite sure who to blame here, whether Yebhi or Aramex. The product was received at the main office in the delivery city (Hyderabad) on the evening of 2nd day and it stayed there doing nothing for the next (complete) day as well. With some common sense, you can put the blame on Aramex here. The promised delivery time on Yebhi.com is ‘2 days’ for this product. Yet, it took 4 days.

The product itself

I know the product is good (that is why I was searching for this particular product) but I didn’t know that Yebhi can make it bad my shipping a year old product. There was no wear out or damage of the product as such but just the manufacturing date being 17 months ago makes it a bad impression.

What I like about Yebhi

  • Its 100 days policy (returns and reverse pickup)
  •  Try n buy feature (although this wasn’t yet available in my city but is something very essential in this category)
  • Least price

What I don’t like

  • Ships old products (I told you everything, take this with your own judgement)
  • Can use better courier partners

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