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SBI Yuva savings account and Yuva Home Loan

This is about an account that is exclusively aimed at the students/youth of the country, the SBI Yuva Savings bank account. To be eligible for this account, the person must be in the age group of 18 to 30 years at the time of entry (the account will continue to be existent even after the person attains 30 years). Account can be held either by self or in partnership with another holder (joint account, with survivor benefits). The Interest rate will be the same as any other savings bank accounts (rate calculated daily as per the latest RBI Norms).

The minimum average quarterly balance required is Rs.5000 nil (so this is essentially a no frills account with much more relaxed eligibility conditions) and comes without any maximum limit. With this account you get cheque book with 50 leaves, Internet banking account, free SMS alerts, any city cheque book (at-par) with 25 leaves free per year and a SBI Yuva ATM cum Debit card

SBI Yuva card

This is a VISA card (normal SBI ATM cum Debit cards are Maestro cards which do not enjoy all the privileges that a VISA card has). You can withdraw amounts up to Rs.50000 each day, subject to a minimum of Rs.100 and can make a purchase of up to Rs.2 lakh at any Point of sale.

There is absolutely no annual maintenance charges levied on the card and you also get a Insurance coverage of Rs.2 lakhs in case of an accidental death. With this card you can also enjoy the SBI debit card reward points.

You’ll need to set up your VbV account (verified by Visa) before you can do any online shopping. This card will be valid for 10 years from the issue date.

Yuva Home loan

Any salaried person between 21 and 45 years of age earning atleast 30000 a month (not including any other income apart from company salary) can apply for Yuva Home loan. One can get 20% more loan via Yuva home loan when compared to normal home loan. In the first 3 years, one only needs to pay the interest. The actual installments can be paid from the 4th year. Interest rate will be same as for other home loan products.

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  1. Hello,
    I am a student below 30 years
    I want to open a SBI student yuva account with zero balance.
    Please Suggest me.
    How i can open this account in details to my email.
    Thanks for this.

  2. I want to open a bank account.
    Which bank is better for me. Tell me soon on my email id.

  3. I am 17 yrs old. I want to take an account in a bank. Is it possible with my age. I have no id proof except my sslc certificate.

    • Yes, that should be enough as an ID proof. For address proof, you may show your parents house address, such as in electricity bill or landline bill.

  4. sunny vijay kamble

    I want to save money, for a good future.

  5. I am 19 years of age. I need a credit card from any of the banks like icici or sbi, but without fixed deposit. Can you please advice me in this regard.

  6. I am 17 and i would like to open savings account. I don’t have any id proof other than my sslc certificate and permission from my parents. And now am i eligible to open an account. If yes plz do send me the procedures..

    • I am 17 years old and i want to open account so which documents are required for account.
      I am not a collage student so i have no collage id proof.

  7. Nirjhar Bhowmick

    I am under 18 and want to open an account
    If i can then please send me documents in my mail ID
    I am 16 years old

  8. go to your nearest sbi branch u dumb….this is clearly not the place

  9. It is easy to open Yuva Account. If you already have SBI, go to the bank and ask to convert your SBI Saving Account to convert into YUVA ACCOUNT. That’s it….
    Otherwise, Open new Account in SBI and then convert it….

  10. tapas kumar mohanty

    helo sir i am 20 yrs old,but i dont have my voter id card.how can i apply for yuva card.plz help me…

  11. i am 17 year i want to open a sbi student credit card account please send application form is not in sbi branch

  12. i’m 17 year old & student.
    so i have no identity proof for so what u r require identity proof for me

  13. guide me , how to open a yuva account in sbi and what is the minimum balance for that

  14. i want to open an saving account in SBI.But i am 17 years old only.please tell me can i open an account.

    • Any body can open a bank account regardless of their age. Until they become major, their guardian will have to look over the account.

  15. Sir, I am under 18 and want to open an account
    If i can then please send me documents in my mail ID
    I am 15 years old

  16. Can I open an account in 16 years with the help of my Unique ID proof?

  17. hi,
    I am just 17 yrs old,can i open a savings account in sbi without an id card ? if i can den pls mail me details of d documents that i can present in place of id..

  18. how can i keep first sbi zero account atm cum debit card and sbi yuva card .. plz help me.

  19. I am apratim sahai,im a student 17+ of age i have no identity card so how can i open a student account

  20. Hello,
    I am a student of IGNOU (New Delhi).
    I ant to open a SBI student account with zero balance.
    Please Suggest me.
    How i can open this account in details to my email.
    Thanks for this.

  21. I have an account in SBI. it is a saving account…as a student & age below 30 can i get the facility of sbi yuva account atm (annual charge free) card service…

  22. I want to open a new saving bank account for student
    please help me out

  23. Please,let me know can i keep both cards first sbi atm cum debit card and sbi yuva card ?

  24. what is the minimum cash needed to open an account without cheque book

  25. i want 2 create yuva account

  26. iam doing b.sc.life science 1st year in dyal singh college delhi university.,from where can i open my SBI account?

  27. shubham raghuwanshi

    i am a shubham raghuwanshi is a student student and now i am leaving in delhi,for study purpose,and i am only(17)yrs old.and i have no identity card or a pen card etc.so how i can open a occunt or make a atm card.

  28. i am study in f.y.b.b.a. of j.j.kundalita college.
    i opened the account of zero balence atm

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