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SBI Life Unit Plus 2 review

SBI Unit plus II is essentially a Unit Linked Policy (ULIP) in which the investment risk entirely borne by the policy holder.

In this policy you have the option to choose the term viz., limited (min: 5 years and max:40 years) or Entire Life (life cover will be applicable till you attain 99 years of age) and also the allocation of funds can be changed between 5 funds (4 changes are free each annum). The 5 funds available are Equity fund in which the risk is high as majority of the funds are allocated to the Equity and equity related markets.

Equity Optimizer Fund: The risk is although high in this fund, the allocation to the equity markets is comparatively less than the Equity Fund.

Growth Fund: In which the risk is medium to high as the Equity allocation is normally more than the Debt markets allocation.

Balanced Fund: The risk in this fund is medium as allocations are equally distributed across Debt and Equity markets.

Bond fund: In which the risk is Low to medium.

Since this is essentially an ULIP, the return on investment depends on the Unit NAV value at the time of Maturity and there is always a chance of NAV value being lower just at that time. If you cannot bear that risk, you may also consider Aegon Religare’s Star Child Plan which has a ‘Auto Protect mode’ which gradually shifts your allocation to Debt market as the Maturity date comes closer in order to reduce the risk of lower NAV.

In SBI Unit Plus 2, You can also choose to either opt for Single Premium or Regular premium.

In single premium payment option, the minimum premium amount is Rs.40000 and in Regular premium payment, the minimum premium amount is Rs.24000/annum. There is no maximum limit for either of the options.

Any person who is in good health condition in the age group of 0 to 65 years can enter into this policy.

For regular premium payment option (including both limited and whole life cover), the minimum Sum Assured (SA) is 5 times the Annual premium amount.

The maximum SA for Regular premium is as follows:

Age group of 0 – 40 years: 50 times’ annual premium

41 – 50 years: 40 times’ annual premium

51 – 60 years: 25 times’ annual premium

61 – 65 years: 20 times’ annual premium.

As on 24 June 2013, NAV of SBI Life Unit Plus 2 are as follows:

Balanced fund: 21.2759

Equity fund: 41.5685

Bond: 20.9955

Growth: 22.4437

Equity Optimizer: 12.445

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  1. I invested rs 24000/- annum on 27-02-2007 sbi life unit plus ii regular plan 0 fix term plan. At present i paid for 5years. If i withdraw how much amount i will get. Present what is nav of above plan.

    • Surrender amount can only be know by SBI Life personnel. A call to their customer would give you the answer. As far as NAV is concerned, there are 5 funds here: Balanced, Equity, Bond, Growth and Equity Optimizer whose latest NAV’s are 22.44, 47.77, 20.73, 24.34 and 13.94 respectively. You didn’t tell which fund you invested in.

  2. My self mr gajraj singh my policy no is 240***9507 product name sbilife unit plus regular which i have taken in Assam (dibrugarh) in year january 2010. Now I’m posted in new delhi & i want to withdraw this policy so please guide me that how can i get my money back.Its my request inform me as soon as possible.

    • Most Unit Linked plans of SBI Life have a lock in period of 5 years. So it is not advisable for you to discontinue the policy at this stage. If you do, your fund amount (minus any charges) will be transferred to a pooled SBI account earning just 4% interest rate, which will only be paid to you during the 6th year.


    I have taken SBI Life ULIP Regular-II in 23 Dec 2006. I have paid Rs 12,000/- for 03 years and I would like to know my fund value and as on date NAV.

  4. Ram chandra singh

    what is the value of my policy on maturity , my maturity date is 19.04.2012,my policy no is :24019546108

  5. parichay praveen kumar jain

    my policy sbi life-unit plus -II regularno. 24086904509 & want to know current status.

  6. product no.Unit Plus-11-regular.
    Policy No. 24020186005
    I want to Know the up to date accounts of my Policy

  7. i have been opted the policy in nov 2010 form till date i have paid around 60000 ie 6000 quarterly

    my policy is enforces and detail are as follow

    invested amount units Nav?
     43430.40  1160.29  37.4

    please let me know should i quit this one or continue

  8. Debendranath panda

    Please let me know my Fund Value
    Customer No. 16813378, Policy No. : 240 61544903, Product Name : UNIT PLUS-II REGULAR.

  9. I am the policy holder of SBI life Unit plus -II Regular.
    with Policy number 24057475802
    I have paid 50,000 per annum for 3 times
    now i have received a premium renewal intimation letter
    please give me my policy details and advice

  10. bhushan lal sahu

    i have unit plus regular plan with policy no 19005454807.
    i was paid 12000 in two times, but policy show only 12000 are paid why??.

  11. Vinu Kuruvilla

    I have submitted a total of Rs 150000 in SBI unit plus 2regular – growth. I want to know what is the procedure to withdraw my investment & how much will i receive now as 3 years have passed.

  12. mr sebastian kv

    please send my policy details and growth rate of amount

  13. Sir,
    My policy details are as follows
    Policy name : UNIT PLUS-II REGULAR
    Policy Number : 24080524801
    Payment Frequency : Yearly
    Premium Amount : 25000
    Term : 40
    Sir, I don’t know much about this policy.currently this policy if in force. i have paid second premium in time. I just wanted to know when this policy is going to end and how much i will get. Should i continue with this policy or it will be better if i close it. and what will be my last date of premium.
    Thank You

  14. Sir,
    My policy details are as follows
    Policy name : UNIT PLUS-II REGULAR
    Policy Number : 24066241805
    Date of Commencement : 05-DEC-2008
    Payment Frequency : Haly Yearly
    Premium Amount : 12,000
    Last Paid Premium : 05-DEC-2010
    Sum Insured : 1,20,000
    Term : 5
    Sir, I don’t know much about this policy.currently this policy if in force. i have paid all the premium in time. I just wanted to know when this policy is going to end and how much i will get. Should i continue with this policy or it will be better if i close it. and what will be my last date of premium.
    Thank You

  15. Mr Pankaj Kumar Somabhai Patel

    Please let me know my Fund Value
    Customer No. 15032502, Policy No. : 240 40539 510, Product Name : UNIT PLUS-II REGULAR.

  16. i have unit plus regular plan with policy no 246864616.i invest 1 lac in this .on feb 2011 it completed 3 much i can get after feb 18

  17. Dear Sir,
    This is Santosh, I had opted for a SBI ULIP back in 2007, below are the details of my policy.I opted for a regular premium of 12000 quarterly.
    Product and Plan : UNIT PLUS-II REGULAR Plan 0- Fixed Term
    Date of Commencement of Risk : 24 October 2007
    Date of Commencement of Policy : 24 October 2007
    Allocation % Fund Value Rs. NAV as on 24 October 2007 Number of Units
    Equity Fund 100.00 8,812.80 37.94 232.28
    Bond Fund 0.00 0.00 12.32 0.00
    Growth Fund 0.00 0.00 23.83 0.00
    Balanced Fund 0.00 0.00 16.85 0.00
    Total 100.00 8,812.80

    Is it true that the locking period has been increased from 3 to 5 years.
    I would like to know if there were any gains for the last 3 years and is it worth continuing in this scheme, just in case if i have to discontinue, how could i go about it.
    I know little about this as i reside away from india.Please guide me regarding this either by posting it here or mailing me at sanewtaurian at
    Thanks & Regards

  18. dear sir,my policy no is 24031106406 under sbi unit plus 2 regular plan fixed term, invested 1 lac. and its already 3years completed. so u pliz tell me wht are the procedure to take out the money along with available amount.thanks

  19. i have an sbi unit plus -II (pension scheme) as i deposited Rs. 105000/- on 03.05.2008 so i request you to please send me the details about all and also maturity

    praveen kumar
    policy No-28014681904
    Date of birth-03.05.1972

  20. sir, iam a sbi lic scheme 2 regular till now i paid 150000 so what is my latest position my policy no is 24063949002/plan sbi life-unit plus 11-regular

  21. mohan singh pilkhawal

    i have sbi life unit 2 plus regular plan. i have deposited only 1 premium . so i want to continued it 4 next 3 years. so what are the benefits.4 me 4 next 10 years.

  22. dear sir my share account SBI unit plus 2 regular growth fund how i will get the detail kindly reply for me please

  23. I have invested in sbi -unit plus 2 regular plan 0-fixed term of Rs.50,000.00 (ie Rs.13,897.73 as a premium allocation & Rs.36,102.27 as net investiable portion)for the financial year-2009-10. How the tax tReatment u/s 80 c of the income tax Act 1961

  24. Jagatananda Pattanayak

    My SBI policy plan unit plus -ii regular policy no:-24023759010 Date of birth:-04.05.1977 please inform my policy growth .


    I have submitted atotal of Rs 150000 in SBI unit plus 2 . Iwant to know what is the procedure to withdraw my invesatment.

    • Dear Sir/Madam:

      I had took the UNIT PLUS-II REGULAR INCOME PLAN vide my policy No.24071581307. At the time of introducing about the product, if I pay 1,00,000 each 3 years after 3 years I will get 25,000 each every 4 months upto 10 years. Thereafter I will get 453163.00.

      Please note that I have already paid 2,00,000.00 so there is one more installment pending

      So please confirm the same.



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