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Lokpal Vs Jan Lokpal Bill: The real differences

You might already be aware, that the main reason for the current stand off between team Anna and the Government is because the Anna team (and the general public to a large extent) want the right lokpal bill to be introduced. And that right lokpal bill, is the Jan Lokpal Bill.

So lets’ see what are the main differences between the two versions of the bills:

Prime Minister under Lokpal

While the Jan Lokpal recommends bringing PM under its purview, the Government’s version only allows once the PM has completed his term or has given his/her resignation to the post.

Right to launch an Investigation

According to Jan Lokpal bill, Lokpal will have rights to launch an investigation at its own discretion on any one. On the other hand, the Government’s version requires a ‘go ahead’ from Lok Sabha Speaker and Rajya Sabha Chairman to launch an investigation

Further judicial rights

The Jan lokpal, if needed, can start the Judicial process by its own. The Governments’ version only allows the lokpal to make a recommendation and transfer the case to appropriate authority/officer

Police rights & CBI

Jan lokpal will have right to register an FIR and have all other rights police’ have. Jan Lokpal also recommends merging CBI with it. The Government’s version doesn’t allow Lokpal to register an FIR and says that CBI will remain a separate entity

Minimum and Maximum punishment

The Jan Lokpal recommends minimum punishment for convicted as 10 years and maximum as Life Time. The Government’s version only limits this to 6 months (minimum) and 7 years (maximum).

There are other differences such as Monitoring MP’s inside parliament, bringing Chief Judiciary under Jan Lokpal’s purview which the Government’s version doesn’t agree to.

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