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Importance of Star rating while choosing AC’s

If you are starting your research to buy an AC for your home needs, check out this guide on Best AC’s in India. This article will give further insights to what is becoming the most important factor in choosing ant electronic appliance, the ‘Star rating’.

The thumb rule for Tonnage

Before we get to the ‘Star rating’, let’s look at another major factor while choosing an Air Conditioner, the ‘tonnage’. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) gives us the basic thumb rule for selecting appropriate sized AC for our needs.

0.75 Ton (AC capacity) – 75 to 100 sft (Room size)

1 Ton – 100 to 150 sft

1.5 Ton – 150 to 225 sft

2 Ton – 225 to 325 sft

3 Ton – 325 to 450 sft

3.5 Ton – 450 to 575 sft

You will find the salesperson pushing you to go for a higher Ton AC’s citing faster cooling. Although that’s correct (and mean more revenue to the sales company and higher power bill to you), you should stick to this guide for overall efficiency.

The Star rating effect

Now couple that thumb rule with the ‘Star rating’, you almost have the perfect energy saving AC for your room. The Star ratings start from 1 to 5, with 5 being the most energy efficient. Ask any sales person in any AC showroom regarding 5 stars rated AC’s, they will all say the same thing ‘go for the 5 star, if you use your AC for at least 10 hours a day’. While that is almost a correct statement, lets get more practical and see how much you can save ‘per year’, when you use a 1 star, 3 star and a 5 star AC under some fixed conditions.

Higher ratings Higher savings

For this purpose, I’m going to consider the most common household choice of AC (Split, that is) which is a 1.5 TON AC that is used for a 150 – 225 sft sized room and lets just say that you use the AC for 12 hours a day for 150 days in a year in a hot and humid city like Hyderabad.

For a 1 Star AC, the annual Electricity bill you will incur is about Rs.16341 (Rs.1361/month).

For a 3 stars AC, the annual Electricity bill could be Rs.14002 (Rs.1166/month).

For a 5 stars AC, the annual Electricity bill could be Rs.12249 (Rs.1020/month).

For most of the household, those bills per month could be quite burdensome, but the thing to look here is the difference in savings between 1, 3 and 5 star rated AC’s.

The fixed things that I took (12 hours a day for 150 days a year) here is the maximum that it could get for most. Most of the AC’s these days are intelligent enough to lower their performance according to the room temperature which will further cut the bills.

Update: On popular request from the readers, we are adding the savings details for a 1 Ton AC too.

1 TON AC (for 12 hours a day and 150 days a year)

1 star rated AC can bill up to Rs.10894 per year (Rs.907/month)

3 stars rated AC can bill to Rs.9335 per year (Rs.777/month)

5 stars rated AC can bill up to Rs.8166 per year (Rs.680/month)

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  1. T v s Narayana..KASIBUGGA

    My room site is 140 sft. Which ac is preferable. 3*/5*.

    • Star rating basically decides your budget. Room size is for deciding on tonnage. 1.2 or 1.5 Ton should do for 140sft.

  2. I want to buy 1ton 3star ac for my room which is 132square foot and it is situated in top floor. Which ac is best for my room

    • I want to buy 1ton 3star ac for my room which is 132square foot and it is situated on top floor. I will use it for 6hour per day.
      Which is the best ac Fo me?

  3. Hi

    Can you suggest me which is best 3 star or 5 star AC, Which company AC I Prefer, I check Daikin, Panasonic,

    What is the diff inverter model AC

    Which company I prepare Daikin, Panasonic, Blue Star how about service for Blue star and Daikin.

  4. sanjeev tripathi

    My room size 100 sqf…i m planning 7 star split ac of 0.75 ton..
    Plz suggest me which will be best deal….

  5. Hello, I want to buy an ac 1.5ton Which company should I buy. LG,daikin or carrier .

  6. Hello, I want to buy an account 1.5tonWhi company should I buy.LG,daikin or carrier.

  7. Hello. i want to purchase an A. C. But don’t know which is best for my home.
    I am living in Jaisalmer ( Rajasthan). Temperature is very high in this city. May be 46 C or high. My room my be 15 *15 to 20*20 f. The house is made by stones. There is a big window and atest technology features. durable, kindly suggest me the best. also provide me the total units per month with calculation based on 12 to 15 hours par day use.

  8. Mahendra parihar

    My room size is 135 sq feet. It is ground floor room. Please suggest split ac Weather I should buy 1 ton or 1.5 ton or 5star/3star.

    • 1 Ton should be enough. If you can afford, 5 star is always better in the long run since we don’t change AC’s that often.

  9. Which is the best inverter ac or godrej 7 star ac.

    • It’s been a long time since I looked at AC’s or Inverter’s. I didn’t even know that there exists a 7 star inverter.
      But, a quick look at official BEE ratings website still indicates that it follows a 5 star rating method so I’m not sure what this 7 star is?

  10. Please suggest me whether an inverter 1.5 ton or a 5 star rated ac is economical in consuming power? My daily usage is around 18hrs a day in domestic use. please let me know how much power is consumed for 18hrs in both ac’s independently. Thank you.

    • Inverters typically save 30-50% more power than 5 star ac’s. For 18 hrs a day, surely an inverter is recommended.
      For power consumption, just go to any webpage with some AC specifications and use a calculator. 1000 watts consumption per hour is 1 unit in domestic usage. In the technical specs, power input watts. That’s what the AC consumes when the compressor is running. But unless you set the required temp to be very low, the compressor only runs for a certain time. For 18 hours, lets just say the compressor works for 15 hours.
      Its just basic math from here. Try to understand and calculate, if you can’t, I’ll explain.

  11. This is very usefull article those purchase the ac.
    I understand that star rating should be 3 for
    power saving.
    pls let me know the dealer for LG, in Chennai.


    VS Narayanan
    T Nagar.

  12. Thanks for the very useful information. I was wondering if I should consider going for an inverter AC which is the latest technology in the market and promises a lot of power saving.

    Can you let me know your opinion on inverter ACs and the actual savings it may give? Bangalore weather is getting hotter and unbearable these days, hence I am considering an AC, though even air cooler is an option.

    • Its definitely good, if you can afford it. They cost more than non-inverter AC’s. Inverter AC essentially reduces the compressor start stop cycles. And hence saves power. How much you can save really depends on your usage (more you use, more you save; compared with same usage on a non-inverter AC). Roughly, say you can save 40-50% on your bill with a 5 star inverter AC.

      • Thanks Sai. I have gone for an LG AC 5 star since Inverter was very expensive indeed. I bought it from reliance digital who say they can give installation from their end for 300 Rs. LG company installation is available, for 1500 Rs. I am wondering which to choose and how much difference does dealer installation make as compared to company installation. Can you help me choose the best option please.

        • The installation parts will be part of the AC, so its just the fitting that has to be done. Give the Reliance guys a hundred or 2 more and get it fitted as per your wish.

  13. Hi I wanna buy split 3 star AC for my room and its size is 110 sqft but my room is on top floor so could you please suggest me how much ton split AC I have prefer.

    • 1 Ton should really be enough, even if its in the top most floor. But obviously, it will take that much longer for your room to cool down compared to any room in a lower floor. More time = more power. So you might want to checkout a 5 star AC, if you use it very regularly (say, more than 10 hrs every day).

      • Thanks for reply If I buy 1.5 ton split AC with 3 Star rating so is it ok for my room?

        • Yes it should be. Make sure the manufacturing date is as latest as possible. 2013 3 star AC’s are more energy efficient than 2012 3 star AC’s.

  14. I am planning to buy .75 ton split Ac for my room and for my dads office room. both are small rooms. I would like to go for one with less power consumption. Please suggest me one..

    • All 5 star rated AC’s consume almost same amount of energy. So brand selection should be dependent on after sales service in your location. If you are not sure, then it is better to go with International brands such as Samsung or LG.
      Coming to 0.75TR AC’s, you’ll struggle to find them in the market. Dealers generally keep stock from 1TR and above.

  15. Yeah very good explanation while buying ac it’s very important.

  16. Dear Sir,

    Really very useful article.

    Can you suggest which is the best 1.5 Ton Split AC available in the market for residential use?



    • All 2012 star rated AC’s consume more or less same energy so you should base your decision on after sales service, which depends on the location you are. If you are in a big city, I think there is no problem going for any big brands such as LG, Samsung, Voltas etc since all have good service network. In case you live in a small town, its better to go for that brand which has service personnel available in your town.
      Having said all these, if I have to pick a brand, I’d go for LG.

  17. Very nice article.. a must for conscious Ac buyers..
    just a suggestion as its a 2010 post.. please update it for 2012…


    • Thanks. The things that would change for 2012 will be the BEE ratings. 2012 5 star rating is more efficient (less power consumption) than 2012 5 star rating.

  18. what is the starting power consumption for 1 ton split a.c ? is it 1200 watt or less. tell me the difference between 5 star and 3 star in term of watt per hour.

  19. All the calculations are done on Split AC basis, how much variations one must consider for a 1 ton Window AC.

  20. Anil Kumar Nigam

    I want to buy Split AC Inverter type preferably 1 to 1.5 ton, what does the specification of noise level in db mean, does the higher the db level is it better or lower the db level the noise level is low, some AC specification show EER = 3.7, some show 11.09 but the power consumption in AC with 3.7 EER is lesser than power consumption in 11.09 EER ac, this is confusing, which one is the best in respect of after sales service and what is the life cycle of an ac assuming 180 days 12 hours use in a year

    • Obviously lesser the Noise level (in db), the better it is. This noise is nothing but the noise coming from the In-room unit of the split AC.
      I’m not sure where you saw a 11.09 EER. It’s normally below 5 for all units these days.
      Regarding preference, as mentioned before, try starting with LG, then Samsung, Bluestar etc..

  21. can you tell me the price for 1.5ton with 5star AC.

  22. I Want to know the usage bill amount for .75 ton window ac of lg and 1 ton too for the same. well if i use the ac for 7 hours a day plz reply i’m waiting eagerly and could you suggest for which brand ac should I go fr .75 & 1 ton window ac.

  23. how is the performance of 1.5 ton split ac from videocon

  24. i wanna buy one of the best 5 star low electricity consumption AC. so which 1 is referable i cant find it out. so plz confirm my puzzle so that i buy as soon as possible. thanx

    • Star ratings are given across the range of various companies in the same way. So no matter which AC you choose, if it is a 5 star rated one, it will save just as much energy as any 5 star AC would save.

  25. Brilliant info. It was of great help. Thank you.

  26. i want to buy split ac to my room size is 11.5×9.5 pls could u tell which capacity have to take and price .

  27. i have a 230 sq foot room. (residential, 1-2 persons). I don’t want to chop up my nice old wooden framed window, i want to fit the ac in the top ventilation section of the window. will two 1-ton ac’s be as effective as one 2-ton ac? (they’ll fit perfectly) or will the cooling / air throw remain insufficient? Does the company warranty dictate the tonnage v/s size of room ratio?

    • If you were talking about fitting two 1 Ton AC’s to one window on one wall, it would be better to install a 2 Ton AC instead.
      Generally, Window AC’s are installed on lower points, most of the times, the air directly hitting the bed/desk etc. Since Window ventilator is some what higher, it may not be as effective as it should be.

  28. Planning to buy the 1.5 t O’General split AC. need the price, best shop to buy, installation charges, warranty details an specification.

  29. Thanks for this article!
    I too was confused by the myriad of 3-star vs. 5-star ACs and this helped clear a few things

  30. Hi,
    I want to purchase ac.but iam still confused that 1ton or 1.5 ton. my room size is 13/18
    please suggest me which company will i choose


  32. Gunvantsinh .s. jadav

    how much ton required for my 10X12 room my contact no. is 9924994949

  33. I want to buy 1 ton split ac. My room size is 110. Please sugges me 1 ton ac is enough for my room?

    • Yes. 1 Ton would be best for that room size. Now, if you have enough to pay upfront, you can go for a 5 star AC, if not, a 3 star one would be good too.

  34. My room size 100 feet. I would like to purchase lag slit ac. pl sugggest which capacity and price

  35. I want to purchase 1.0 Ton AC with 5 star rank for my room and its size is 110 Sq.feet
    I visited showrooms and see many companies AC and confused again which product is best in price as well as maintanance.

    Can you suggest me! Which Company AC I prefer ?

  36. can you tell me the price for 3 star AC.

  37. I Want 2 know the usage bill amount for .75 ton window ac of lg anf 1 ton too for the same.well if i use the ac for 7 hours a day plz reply i m wating egerly and could u suggest fr which brand ac should i go fr .75 & 1 ton window ac.

  38. thanks for very good info

  39. For a 3 stars AC, the annual Electricity bill could be Rs.14002 (Rs.1166/month).

    whats the unit price for electricty u considered ??

    I pay 7 INR per unit..

  40. Thank you very much for the insights. We are planning to buy an AC for this gudi padwa and are really confused about the ratings thing.

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