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JaVAS (GoJavas.com); Jabong’s self delivery system review

It’s not new anymore, for online stores to have their own logistics service. Flipkart has its own e-kart logistics delivery system and now with my first purchase at Jabong, I came to experience JaVAS, Jabong’s self delivery system. Flipkart exclusively uses its own delivery system for all shipments (or that’s what I would think since all of my over 25 orders with them have been delivered by e-kart logistics) but Jabong also works with other 3rd party couriers, such as aramex, DTDC, First Flight.

If you have read my other posts on various shopping experiences, you’ll know that I rave about Flipkart’s delivery system. It’s just so well organized; from picking up the shipment at warehouse to the professionalism of the delivery boy who comes to deliver your product.

So how does JaVAS fare when compared to e-Kart logistics? Read on..

First the shipping time. Not as good as Flipkart (but definitely better than ShopClues) but decent enough. Ordered on Thursday and delivered on Sunday. I haven’t experienced a sunday delivery since a long time; so this is actually good.

Now the shipment delivery. This is where it all went wrong. My watchman comes in the evening and says some courier guy gave this in the afternoon. We were all there in the house and he didn’t even bother to deliver it at our home.

You might be thinking; big deal? Yeah, no big deal. I got my product and that’s all I want. Not. The invoices, the tracking stickers, the MRP stickers are pasted all over the shipment for everyone to see. The invoice obviously contains the list of ordered items. I have ordered a pair of tee’s but how embarrasing would it be if someone ordered a really personal item? It’s a lifestyle store after all.

I hate it when they put invoices on the outside. I said this in my review of Zovi as well. When others (Flipkart, for example) can do without it, I don’t understand why these guys can’t.

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  1. I already booked a shoe in jabong, and its delivery date over,stil they not come to my location and no contact numbers,always coming sms.

  2. Same reckless behavior by Javas personnel, My order has reached bangalore before 3 days and they still are searching for my address, the guy who calls for delivery shouts and when sent a mail there is a standard response in reply. Humiliated by Javas

  3. I am sharing worst experience with Gojavas.

    Before 2 months, i have purchase Logitech keyboard-mouse combo from Paytm, they have sent it from gojvas.

    It reached to my city and out for delivery on sunday.

    Around 11:30AM- 12:30 PM, i got SMS that it is out of delivery and we will contact you if we are not able to find your location.

    So far it was OK, in evening at 6 PM, i got SMS that shipment is delivered successfully.

    But, i did not receive any item.

    On Gojavas site, it was showing it is “self received” (including displaying my name also).

    I got paytm mail also for successful delivery.

    After several emails (to paytm)/ calls (to gojavas customer care), i have found that Gojavas don’t have any office no. in my city (Ahmedabad).

    How they are delivering in such big city without having any office no. Such a bad service.

    After sending several complaints, i got call from local office that we have received your parcel and will be delivered to you by evening.

    Two men came with my package in one carry-bag (!!!) . I opened that carry-bag, and found that it was opened package. So I refused to accept.

    One of them told that it was delivered to wrong location. Second man has difficulty in speaking(I think he might be dumb), so it has delivered to wrong location.
    (Wrong location is 3 km away from my home).

    And I got SMS earlier that “we will contact you if we are not able to find your location” .

    My conclusion:
    1)Gojavas should have customer care office no. in big cities/all states where they deliver, even they national customer care office don’t have no. of Ahmedabad office.
    2)It is good that companies are recruiting persons with speaking difficulty, but don’t send them (or don’t send alone) for package delivery.
    3)Ecommerce companies must have to send packages by good courier companies.

  4. You all guyz are mad. Not seen any courier service as good as javas. Well behaved guys, compared to other courier. Excellent javas. Good service in pune nibm

  5. Good article. The worst thing about GoJavas is they don’t have any local contact no. and the customer care executives also not giving local branch address or contact number.

    Always Flipkart is best. They justify each extra penny we pay for them.

  6. Atleast you got your order delivered!! i ordered mine on 21st oct and the delivery date was 25th latest. All i know that the shipment came to bangalore on 23rd and was in transit on 24th. Wushhh! no news after that! cant contact gojavas as no number is listed! it is my 1st experience with jabong and I’m glad i heeded to my cousin’s advice of Cash on delivery.

    I called jabong customer care 3 times already. They are just as clueless as me!! Its UR courier company!! they finally said their senior will contact me and have it delivered by 3rd Nov else i m cancelling it. The only reason i m sticking to it is cos they offered me a great discount.

    • I can only hope you receive yours soon.
      Cash on delivery is the way to go for all purchases on a new site, however good looking it might be.

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